4 electric vehicle highlights from CES 2020

Every January, technology companies gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It’s the place to see the latest gadgets and technology concepts from the world’s top consumer electronics brands, and in recent years, vehicle technology has become a major focus. In fact, CES 2020 featured 290,000 square feet of exhibit space for vehicle tech, where electric vehicle technologies were on full display.

There were many EV announcements made at CES 2020 — from the expected to the completely futuristic. And while many of these technologies are years away from hitting the market, they’re great examples of the amazing innovation that’s happening in the EV space.

Here are four of the electric vehicle highlights from CES 2020

1. CES 2020 technology highlight: Sony’s Vision-S concept car showcased the latest in EV sensors, imaging and entertainment.

Sony surprised everyone with a concept car built to showcase and test its new connected car platform, Vision-S. And while the electronics manufacturer doesn’t seem to be getting into car manufacturing anytime soon, we should expect to see the Vision-S platform in the next generation of EVs.

Photo courtesy of Sony

The concept car features 33 sensors and cameras that create a 360-degree “safety cocoon” around the vehicle, as well as “advanced driving support” managed by artificial intelligence. Inside, facial recognition can recognize the owner and select passengers and automatically adjust to personal preferences. On the entertainment front, this concept car features Sony’s immersive 360 Reality Audio that surrounds occupants thanks to speakers installed in each seat and rear seat screens with access to Netflix.

2. CES 2020 autonomous tech highlight: Audi AI:ME shows what autonomous driving can really look like.

Want to drive yourself, or do you want to sit back in what feels more like a living room than a car and enjoy some entertainment? With Audi’s AI:ME electric concept car, the choice is all yours. The car features Level 4 autonomy, which means it’s capable of performing all driving functions under certain conditions. It includes a foldout steering wheel if you want/need it. When you’re not driving, it features an infotainment system with eye-tracking technology to navigate the software.

Photo courtesy of Audi

The Audi AI:ME is years away from being available, but it’s still a great example of the type of technology coming to EVs in the future.

3. Tech that you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP: Fisker debuts the fully electric Ocean SUV.

More and more EVs are hitting the market each year, and the Fisker Ocean is the latest to be announced. While this car won’t find its way to customers’ driveways until 2022, it’s poised to compete with the Tesla Model X at a fraction of the price.

With a starting price of $37,500, it will feature a 250- to 300-mile range and an optional solar roof that can provide 1,000 miles of solar-powered driving a year. Plus, it has “California mode.” At the press of a button, the Ocean opens nine windows, including the rear glass and a full-length sunroof!

Video courtesy of Fast Car Community

Fisker’s Ocean is already available for pre-order.

4. Exciting innovation from an unlikely brand: Jeep goes hybrid.

When you think of electric vehicles, Jeep probably isn’t the brand that comes to mind. However, Jeep recently announced it will offer an electrified powertrain in every one of its vehicles by 2022.

At CES, Jeep debuted the Wrangler PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) alongside Compass and Renegade PHEVs. Specifics on electric range and fuel economy have yet to be released, but the appearance for Jeep’s PHEV models appears to be very similar to the Wrangler, Compass and Renegade we already know and love.

Photo courtesy of Autoblog

If CES 2020 taught us anything, it’s that electric vehicle technology is going to continue to evolve in the coming years as more and more models become available.

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