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Amber Scroggins, Market Operations Analyst

Amber Clinkscales balances markets, community in role at SRP

Amber Clinkscales, a Senior Market Operations Analyst in SRP’s Transmissions Services department, hasn’t had a perfectly linear career path.  

“I didn’t choose this career – it chose me,” said Clinkscales recently. “When I came to SRP from the banking industry, I was passionate about HR. But after transferring into an operations role, my director asked if I’d be interested in project management, and it ignited a new passion.” 

Clinkscales got involved in the group’s Extended Day Ahead Market (EDAM) initiatives and began training for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. This work led to a recent promotion, where she is now helping implement a critical effort for a team that’s responsible for ensuring SRP has the power it needs to keep the lights on.  

Spreading her wings 

Clinkscales’ desire to grow within SRP also led to another area of passion – her involvement in the company’s African American Cultural Committee (AACC) Employee Resource Group (ERG).  

SRP’s 10 ERGs are self-organized voluntary groups that self-identify with a diversity dimension or like interest. In addition to offering resources, ERGs provide networking opportunities beyond a person’s job role or department.  

“I was in the audit department at the time … and I wanted people to see me outside of my role,” said Clinksales. “AACC’s initiatives, mission and vision aligned with things close to my heart.” 

Contributing to community partnerships is one of those areas of alignment. The AACC and other ERGs partner with nonprofits and fundraise for various causes outside of SRP’s walls.  

Balancing a passion for work with a heart for community 

Just as SRP’s Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) works to balance forecasted energy load with demand, Clinkscales balances her full-time job with personal work in the community. 

“Giving back has always been near and dear to my heart,” she explained. 

As the hospitality lead at United Nations Church in Phoenix, Clinkscales makes sure that families adjusting after medical or other personal situations get home-cooked meals. She has also hosted monthly workshops focused on writing resumes and cover letters to give people the tools they need to be successful.

Clinkscales brings this same passion to her work and projects at SRP, where it is reflected in the company’s culture. 

“In times of need, whether in the community or with employees, we really show up. We’re there, we’re supportive, and we make sure that employees have the support they need,” she said. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion at SRP 

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