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Be a sustainability superstar! How to use your powers to be more sustainable

Do you ever wonder what you can do to be more sustainable? Before we tell you what you can do to become a sustainability superstar, let’s take a look at what sustainability means.

How to be sustainable can mean different things, but let’s demystify it a bit

You may already know about some things about sustainability. On one hand, it means making choices that are “green” and kind to our planet. On a much larger scale, what that means to a company, and to SRP, is about what we are doing and planning for each day. 

When large groups, companies and government organizations talk about sustainability, they are actually referring sustainability on a larger scale: sustainable development.

We asked our in-house experts about sustainable development. Alas, they said: It’s complicated. But, it can be broken down into a mix of concepts and ideas.

Basically, think of it as a checklist of things to do that most organizations agree upon. These choices can mean that our children and their children have access to clean air, water and necessary natural resources. The checklist would look something like this:

  • How will this decision affect people now and in the future?
  • Is there an environmental impact?
  • What is the economic impact?
  • Will there be any social impact?

Indeed, organizations must try to make decisions that consider all of those areas. To sum it up, it’s a delicate balancing act.

Of course, guided by the three pillars: environmental, economic, and social, and trying to meet current and predicted future needs.

For more information, check out:

SRP’s 2035 goals are our bat signal for “how to be sustainable” as a company

Whew! All this sustainability talk can make your head spin! But, not to worry. We are going to show you how we are making sustainable decisions, and how you can too.

Before we do, let’s review how we’ve taken the three pillars and created our own sustainable framework working with community members:

Altogether, we are putting this into action with our 2035 Sustainability Goals.

Let our powers combine!

Captain Planet taught us this. Absolutely, we must combine our environmental powers. The more we do and talk about this topic, the more we share and encourage others to do so.

On the whole, it is about you: our customers and the communities you live in. You are vital to this effort and are already helping create a sustainable future every day.

And now for the big reveal: you are already a sustainability superstar! Give yourself a pat on the back.

In short, here are the ways many of you are already sustainability superstars.

  1. Helping build solar projects for Valley nonprofits by supporting the solar for nonprofits program.
  2. Caring for the environment through SRP’s Healthy Forest Initiative™ and Earthwise Energy™.
  3. Conserving resources, and saving money, by using less energy.

Being a sustainability superstar can be as easy as turning off the lights – but we know you won’t stop there, and neither will we.

You have our word, we are fully committed to a sustainable future. We promise to continue to work with the community we’ve served for over 100 years.

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