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Growing the future workforce through Scouts BSA

Did you know? National Boy Scouts Day is Feb. 8. Since 1910, Boy Scouts of America, now Scouts BSA, has been developing youth in an array of skills to prepare them for adulthood. 

Chances are you know someone who was or still is a part of the 110-year-old organization. At SRP, we have quite a few employees who participated in the youth programs. To keep the tradition alive, some now lend their time and skills as adult volunteers.

“When you’ve established how much something has given to you, you want an opportunity to give back to that program and help it continue and grow.”

Matt Laudone, SRP employee and scouts bsa board member

National Boy Scouts Day is a time to reflect on paying it forward 

Matt Laudone, a strategic analyst with SRP’s Regulatory Policy team, has been a lifelong member of the organization. He started as a Tiger Cub when he was 5, moving up through the ranks and has volunteered as an adult for 28 years.

Now he represents SRP as a member of the executive board of the Grand Canyon Council. He was recently appointed as the Chair of the Risk Management Committee.

He shared that he enjoys putting into the program what he got out of it: opportunities, leadership skills, mentors and friends that are like family. “When you’ve established how much something has given to you, you want an opportunity to give back to that program and help it continue and grow,” said Laudone.

Innovation: Never stop learning and evolving

Just like SRP, Scouts BSA is an older organization that has had to evolve over time. Laudone has seen this firsthand with the recent launch of Family Scouting.

Some folks may not know this, but the Exploring / Venturing Program has welcomed girl participants for over 50 years. Girls can now participate in CUB Scouts and Scouts BSA programs to put them on the path to becoming Eagle Scouts. Families can enjoy one Scouting experience together, without having to split their time between two organizations.  

Since the inception of Boy Scouts, principles known as the Scout Oath and Scout Law continue to guide boys and girls into adulthood. They are known to build character and instill moral values; develop academic, citizenship and leadership skills; build confidence; and teach Scouts about ethics.

With an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning, Scouts can earn their merit badges from experts in their communities. That’s where companies with STEM-related career opportunities like SRP can step in.

Lending SRP’s support and expertise

SRP has supported Scouts BSA in many different capacities over the years, such as through donations and grants, hosting merit badge workshops and lending expertise for those workshops.

Recently, SRP Sustainability Program Strategist and Scouts BSA volunteer Dominick Daidone facilitated a Sustainability Merit Badge workshop. The workshop explored different sustainability topics like plastic, food and electronic waste; species decline; world population; climate change; and more. 

Daidone went over all the different ways electricity is created and the environmental impacts of each method. The participants finished their badge certification by utilizing a solar water fountain to explore the concepts of solar tilts and azimuth angles. It was a STEM-packed session.

This is the future workforce

So why should companies care about supporting organizations like Scouts BSA? Put simply, this is our future workforce. Providing a safe and engaging environment for young people to develop and learn skills is vital.

Absolutely, SRP is proud to support this. The real heroes, though, are the volunteers and experts like our employees who continue to go above and beyond in their spare time. 

“There’s a certain level of satisfaction to maintaining the same level of program that I had when I went through,” said Laudone. “BSA doesn’t care who you are. It says, if you want something, go and get it.”

To sum it up, SRP is frequently hiring for STEM-related careers. Check out our careers website to learn more. And if you’re interested in volunteering or joining Scouts BSA, find a local council near you.

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