Tony Moya: Latino Leader Discusses Work and Community


Tony Moya, Latino Relations Manager, has worked at SRP for 32 years. Moya has built a reputation as a community leader and an expert on the Valley’s Hispanic community. He shared his experiences working toward a better Arizona in an interview. 

Tell us about your unique role at SRP.

My main function is informing SRP of the issues happening in the Latino community and, oftentimes, finding out how SRP might be able to help. I believe it is important for SRP to be aware of the growing influence of this market and to know what is happening within these communities.  

I think I am also seen as an SRP conduit to the Hispanic community. Since I’ve been with SRP for such a long time, people know they can call me and I can help them find the answers they need.

How are you involved in the community outside of SRP?

I have many affiliations with different organizations, including: 

  • The Hispanic Leadership Institute hosted through Valle del Sol 
  • Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) 
  • Valley Leadership 
  • The Raul H. Castro Institute 
  • Friends of Public Radio Arizona
  • Celebración Artística de las Américas 
  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Advisory Council   

Tell us about your involvement with Chicanos Por La Causa.

My father is a sixth- or seventh-generation Texan, and my mother is from Monterrey, Mexico. They met in Texas and migrated here to Arizona and specifically to El Campito, or Golden Gate. Back then, that was a Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) community. I grew up knowing the nonprofit and seeing its impact in the community. 

CPLC is one of the largest nonprofits in Arizona with a $100M budget and projects across this state, as well as in New Mexico and Texas. The group focuses on housing and health and human services and are a trusted voice in the community.  

Because of SRP’s support, I have been able to serve on CPLC’s board for more than 10 years. Today, I serve as CPLC’s Board Chair. 

It is like another full-time job for me, but it is also what keeps me going! 

Why is it important for SRP to be involved with and connected to the Hispanic community? 

It’s crucial for SRP to invest in this community because it is the future. It’s also a growing, influential community, and it has important issues that need addressing.

For example, there are lower graduation rates among Hispanics in Arizona. The Hispanic population makes up 46% of the student population in Arizona, grades K-12. In other words, investments are needed to address that potential disparity. 

These children are our future workforce for SRP and for others, and our investment now will ensure a better future for everyone.

What excites you about the future?

What excites me is the new generation coming in, the way they’re talking about issues. They’re well-informed, they know how to use technology. I see that, and to me, that’s exciting.  

I look forward to those young people taking over and looking at things differently. New eyes, new thoughts, new ideas — they might be able to improve things that we weren’t able to solve.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month important in Arizona?

In the Southwest, Latinos have been a part of this community for a long, long time. We belong here; I don’t think we were ever outsiders here.

We helped grow this community. You see this when you look at the farming and agriculture in the state. Some of us are older than the state of Arizona — Latinos who are third-, fourth-generation Arizonans. It’s a proud heritage. 

SRP celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

At SRP, it makes us proud to know that our customers and our employees are part of the same community. This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re sharing stories of SRP employees whose strong ties are making the Valley a better place for us all.  

We’re working juntos por un mejor Arizona — together for a better Arizona. Follow us on LinkedIn for more stories and a look at what it’s like to work at SRP. 

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