SRP celebrates Arbor Day

SRP partners with Tempe to plant over 450 trees, provides free trees to customers and revitalizes our forests

Tempe will be safer and greener thanks to a partnership between the city and SRP.

Image shows a man shoveling dirt around a new tree sapling.
Crews plant more than 450 trees across Tempe, Ariz.

As part of the Right Tree Right Place program, SRP contractors are removing 171 trees that are encroaching on power lines in the city and replacing them with more than 450 trees more suitable for the area. Tempe is turning the removed trees into nutrient-rich compost that residents can pick up for free.

Image shows two men unloading a shade tree from a truck via a ramp.
Shade trees are planted in their new homes with enough distance from power lines.

Each year, SRP crews trim or remove thousands of trees growing directly under SRP’s power lines. These trees pose risks to electric service reliability and public safety. Removing them works towards improving air quality and beautifying the area with new tree plantings.

SRP named Tree Line USA award winner for 2018 by the Arbor Day Foundation

SRP is proud to have been named a Tree Line USA award winner for 2018 by the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to proper tree pruning, planting and care in its electric service area. It’s the 23rd time SRP has received the honor. In 2018, SRP partnered with the City of Phoenix to remove 400 trees and replace them with more than 1,400 trees.

Providing free shade trees for customers

In addition, residential power customers are encouraged to plant trees around their homes as part of SRP’s Shade Tree Program.  SRP offers customers two free desert-adapted trees (4-to-6 foot saplings) after attending a free workshop to learn how to best care for the trees. The trees help shade their home while reducing cooling costs and improving air quality. This program leads to an additional 5,000 trees planted throughout the Valley each year.

Partnering with customers to revitalize Arizona forests and Valley watershed

SRP Trees for Change Reforestation Project in the Schultz Pass area just north of Flagstaff.
Seedling being planted by SRP employees as part of SRP Trees for Change Reforestation Project in the Schultz Pass area just north of Flagstaff.

SRP doesn’t just plant trees in our cities. Partnering with customers, SRP’s Trees for Change program works to revitalize our forests that help provide clean water to the Valley. Trees for Change works two ways, matching customer contributions dollar for dollar. First, Trees for Change funds tree planting on land destroyed by wildfire. Since 2010, SRP and their customers have planted close to two million trees in Arizona forests. Second, Trees for Change works with local communities to thin overgrown forests, reducing brush and smaller trees that bring flames up to the tops of the mature trees, creating devastating crown fires.

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