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SRP EZ-3 energy-saving tips from real customers

Summer weather is here and with it comes higher energy bills. Luckily for SRP EZ-3 customers, summer is also the time to see the biggest energy savings — if you make a few lifestyle changes to ensure you’re using less energy during peak hours (either 3–6 p.m. or 4–7 p.m. Monday through Friday). Last summer, we asked our top energy-saving customers to share their tips, and here’s what they had to say.

1. Precool, precool, precool.

The absolute top tip from the biggest SRP EZ-3 savers is to precool your home. Or, as the Bevier family calls it, “supercooling!”

As SRP customer Tanner Jones shares, the key is to precool your home three hours before your higher-cost hours begin by setting your thermostat temperature 3° below your preferred setting. Then, at the start of the higher-cost period, set the thermostat temperature 3° above your preferred setting so that the air conditioner doesn’t run much, if at all, during your three higher-cost hours.

As customer Christina Bruns adds, closing all the blinds and getting heat-blocking curtains will help keep your home even cooler while your AC is running less.

Kevin Fagerburg suggests using a programmable thermostat to preset times for precooling automatically Monday through Friday.

2. Get a smart thermostat.

While you can easily use either a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature in your home, a smart thermostat has the added benefit of being Wi-Fi enabled so you can control it from your smartphone.

If you’re worried about your kids or others in your home adjusting the thermostat back down during peak hours, follow Nate Rogers’ lead and use your smart thermostat to adjust it back up from anywhere, even if you’re not home.

If you’re in the market for a smart thermostat, be sure to visit the SRP Marketplace for instant rebates.

3. Don’t use major appliances during peak.

In addition to precooling so that you don’t need to use your AC much, if at all, during peak hours, take a break from using other appliances during this window as well. SRP EZ-3 customer Delphine Peaureux saves big by not using her pool pump, dishwasher, washer or dryer during peak hours.

If you do laundry earlier in the day and need to dry your clothing during peak hours, the Gonzalez family recommends skipping the dryer and hanging clothes to dry.

If you’re looking to cook dinner before peak hours end, take Bridget Koch’s advice and consider alternative cooking methods like grilling.

Cutting the use of “energy hogs” during peak hours is a great way to save big like Torrey Olague.

4. Make energy efficiency upgrades to your home.

Making energy-saving upgrades to your home will actually save energy and money around the clock, not just during peak hours.

As Jennifer Taggart suggests, install LED lighting and use a smart home automation platform like Samsung SmartThings to set the lights to turn off during peak hours. Reduce AC leakage with a garage door insulation kit.

David Trebacz suggests installing a timer on your hot water heater so it doesn’t run during peak hours either.

5. Make peak hours family time.

Aren’t we all looking for an excuse to skip screen time and spend a little quality time with those we love the most? With all the electronics turned off, SRP EZ-3 peak hours can be a great time for family conversations, doing homework, reading — the list goes on. Just ask SRP customer Erica Tripp!

With these five tips, you’ll be well on your way to saving big just like these top SRP EZ-3 savers.

Just how much can you save? Ask Ray Arcinas. He saved over $400 last year on EZ-3!

If you’re not already on SRP EZ-3, consider switching today.

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