SRP’s 2021 Sustainability Report is now available

SRP’s 2021 Sustainability Report, which is now live, takes a comprehensive look at how we’re progressing toward our 2035 Sustainability Goals. These goals are our guide to a sustainable and reliable water and energy future while managing current resources and supporting the Valley’s rapid growth.

This report shows the progress of target initiatives that support the five key pillars of our 2035 Sustainability Goals:

  1. Carbon emissions reduction
  2. Water resiliency
  3. Customer and grid enablement
  4. Sustainable supply chain management and waste reduction
  5. Customer and community engagement



More of your power comes from renewable and clean-air energy sources than ever before. By 2025, nearly 50% of the energy delivered by SRP will be carbon-free

Additional highlights:

  • Added 200 MW of solar (100 MW each from East Line and Saint Solar installations)
  • Achieved a 12% carbon reduction from the FY16 baseline



891,073 acre-feet of water was stored underground.

Additional highlights:

  • Achieved a 6.4% water intensity reduction (gallons/MWh) in FY20 from the FY16 baseline
  • Stored a total of 891,073 acre-feet from CY15 through CY20, representing 89% of goal completion
  • 1,362 customers attended our virtual Water Conservation Expos, purchasing a total of 721 smart irrigation controllers which will save an estimated 14.5M gallons annually



Our customers achieved an annual energy efficiency savings of 611,377 megawatt-hours and supported more than 75,000 residential energy efficient upgrades.

Additional highlights:

  • Generated 611,377 MWh of incremental energy savings, 20% greater than the FY21 goal; over 110,000 customers participated in SRP’s Energy Scorecard program and 159,397 customers were participating in the M-Power program as of the end of FY21
  • Completed the buildout of an integrated transmission and distribution lab facility to ensure effective onboarding of new grid technologies
  • 1,362 customers attended our virtual Water Conservation Expos, purchasing a total of 721 smart irrigation controllers which will save an estimated 14.5M gallons annually



We spent $178 million with local and diverse suppliers and incorporated sustainability criteria into 32% of our spend.



With the help of our community partners, we have been able to restore more than 25,000 acres of forest land

Additional highlights:

  • SRP launched the SRP Healthy Forest InitiativeTM, a program where customers can pledge to help us in our fight to keep Arizona’s forests healthy.

Looking back to move forward

This year, foundational policies, practices and structures took shape. This critical work lays the groundwork for a successful future for us here at SRP and, ultimately, for our communities and customers.

Speaking of our customers, we have talked with many of you and have taken your feedback and questions. We continue to assure everyone that we are planning for the future by creating affordable, innovative solutions that empower the lives of Arizonans.

Based on what we heard, there are three main areas you would like to know more about:

  • How SRP invests in clean energy sources without increasing prices
  • What we are doing to protect against attacks on the grid
  • How regular improvements to the grid are being made

Forward together

As a result of those insights, we launched our Sustainability and Innovation campaign, which aims to educate our customers and the community about the bold steps we are taking to move forward.

But we can’t do it alone, which is why we are also inviting our customers to join us in participating in energy-reducing practices, sign up for our Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) program, help us keep the forests healthy and pledge to offset some of their home’s energy use with our new SRP Solar Choice™ program.

While we are always looking forward to the future here at SRP, let’s take a moment to review some highlights from our 2021 Sustainability Report.

See how we progressed toward one reliable future last year

In addition to our sustainability goal progress, SRP donated more than $1.5 million to assist residential customers, small businesses, nonprofits and healthcare organizations financially struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep our customers in power, we dedicated $500,000 to customer bill assistance.

Together, with our customers, we are progressing toward one reliable future.

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