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Charging ahead: How one SRP employee practices sustainability every day

Sustainable companies are on the rise. As a provider of water and power to the valley for over a century, we’re working hard to integrate ways to be sustainable every day. This wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and hard work of our environmentally-friendly employees.

In a series called “Change starts with me,” we’re introducing you to outstanding SRP employees who inspire others by taking sustainability into their own hands at work and at home. We’ve got some real sustainability superstars around here and you’ll get to know them in future blogs.

We’re introducing you to Nina Mullins, Senior Director, Land and Papago Park Center Inc. For her, sustainability includes driving an electric vehicle (EV). Thanks to Nina’s commitment, SRP has the largest workplace charging program in Arizona.

Change starts with me: Nina Mullins

Why do you care about driving an electric vehicle?

Mullins: Most importantly, an EV means zero carbon emissions, which is important for the environment. Having an EV also means I have the benefit, provided by SRP, of charging my vehicle at work, which is time-saving and convenient.

With zero trips to the gas station, I’m getting home earlier to spend time with my family. Another great aspect of driving an EV is the low cost of ownership: no expense for gas (except for a few electrons to charge at home), virtually no maintenance, only $25 a year for vehicle registration in Arizona and low insurance costs.

Sustainable companies are in the spotlight more these days. What does sustainability mean to you?

It means doing the right thing and living in a manner that does not harm the environment.

What inspires you to get involved?

I think about future generations and want to make sure they have safe surroundings to enjoy life and the needed resources to do so.

What value do you get out of engaging in sustainability?

If we don’t hold ourselves accountable to manage resources in a responsible manner, who will? Just as safety is the No. 1 priority for every SRP employee, we need to also consider the resources we use, take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace recycling.

Is an electric vehicle in your future?

With a rapidly growing selection of electric vehicles becoming available, the answer may be yes. This article from CNET showcases most electric vehicle options on the market nation-wide, but it’s worth noting not all of them are available in Arizona…yet.

Additionally, our recent post 20 reasons to buy an EV in 2020 outlines the reasons why switching to an electric vehicle benefit the environment, your wallet and your happiness.

For more information visit to discover the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. You will find helpful buying guides and special price plans just for SRP customers who drive EVs. If you’re a numbers person our EV comparison calculator will help you analyze the financial benefits of driving electric

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