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1 gigawatt of solar energy by 2025: Our plans for a greener and brighter future

SRP is proud to be one of the first utilities in the U.S. to create a broad set of long-term sustainability and solar energy targets. Our 2035 goals lay the groundwork for a reliable and sustainable future, starting today.  

One of the goals is to reduce our carbon emissions by 62%. One of the ways we plan to get there is to add more clean energy such as solar to SRP’s energy mix. Also known as renewable energy, clean energy is made from resources that do not pollute the atmosphere when used.  

In the next five years, SRP aims to add 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar to our energy mix. This is expected to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by about 5.2 million tons per year. This is the same amount of emissions created by more than 1 million passenger cars driven in a year. 

Our promise for more solar energy

Back in 2011, Copper Crossing Solar Ranch was the first large-scale solar farm SRP added to the mix. Located in Pinal County, this solar farm allowed us to produce 20 megawatts (MW) of solar energy. Since then, SRP has strategically added more solar as technology and performance get better and costs have lowered.  

Most recently, we added another 20 MW of solar from the Pinal Central Energy Center. Additionally, this solar farm has the ability to store 10 MW of energy in big batteries after the sun goes down.  

Currently, SRP’s energy mix includes 159 MW of large-scale solar. This is about 1.2% of SRP’s overall energy mix.   

Our promise for a greener future goes beyond our goal to reach an additional 1 GW of large-scale solar by 2025. We will continue to take a balanced and measured approach to add solar and other renewable energy sources to the mix. It’s important that we meet our goals for fewer carbon emissions while still providing affordable and reliable power.

How we will add 1 GW of solar energy

SRP is on track to meet our goal of adding 1 GW of solar before the 2025 target date. Here’s how: 

At this time, SRP has plans for an additional 300 MW of solar projects in the works. The first 200 MW is expected to be up and running by the end of 2020. Shortly after, the remaining 100 MW will be available by the end of 2021.  

At first, these projects will be dedicated to large customers such as businesses and school districts that have entered a partnership with SRP. This partnership will help them to meet their green goals while reducing SRP’s overall carbon emissions at the same time. 

Read more about the 330+ MW Storey and Sonoran Energy Centers.

In January, SRP began seeking proposals for up to 400 MW of new solar energy. We are seeking up to 200 MW of solar to be built on the Navajo Nation. 

To diversify its economy and energy portfolio, the Navajo Nation is pursuing and prioritizing the development of clean energy. The remaining 200 MW is not location-specific, but it must deliver to SRP’s power system by the end of 2023.

Why large-scale solar?

As you can probably see, we have our sights set on large, or utility-scale, solar projects. This includes those with technology that allows solar power to be produced into the late afternoon.  

The use of utility-scale solar farms to create clean energy in addition to storing energy with big batteries allows us to better serve our customers and support our grid, especially during the summer when energy demand is very high. 

Utility-scale projects allow us to cost-effectively introduce new solar resources onto our system and keep prices low for our customers. 

Rooftop solar energy

While we’re greening up our energy mix, you might decide to green yours up too. Through the Preferred Solar Installers Program, we offer referrals to trained and vetted solar installers. Additionally, we offer price plans to fit your needs and incentives on battery solar systems.  

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