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20 reasons to buy an electric vehicle in 2020

Electric vehicle options are becoming more abundant, yet they’re still a fairly new concept as we begin a new decade. We’re here to guide you towards deciding if going electric is right for you. Hint: we think so!

2020 is here, and we’re officially living in the future. While we’re not yet driving flying cars or teleporting from place to place as some have predicted in the past, vehicles are getting more modern. Electric vehicles, in particular, might even hit a new level of momentum as more and more models become available.

Thinking of going electric in 2020? Here are 20 reasons why you should.

Financial reasons to buy an electric vehicle

1. Electricity is much cheaper than gas.

On average in Arizona, “filling up” with electricity costs $1.13 per “eGallon” compared to $3.06 per gallon for regular gasoline, according to And for EV drivers on SRP’s Electric Vehicle Price Plan, the savings are even greater thanks to super off-peak charging prices.

2. Electric vehicles require minimal maintenance.

When it comes to fully battery-powered electric vehicles, fewer moving parts means fewer breakdowns, repairs and parts replacements. There is no oil and thus no oil changes, and because of regenerative braking systems, the brakes on an EV don’t need to be replaced as often as those on a conventional vehicle.

3. You could get a tax break.

Did you know that the federal government offers a tax credit up to $7,500 on brand-new all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars? Learn more and see how much each model qualifies for at

4. Vehicle registration fees are cheaper for an electric vehicle.

In Arizona, you’ll also enjoy lower registration fees when you go all-electric. Through 2021, the registration for fully battery electric vehicles is calculated based on a 0.0004 multiplier compared to a 0.02381 multiplier for any vehicle that has an internal combustion engine. So while a typical $30,000 car would have an annual registration fee of $714.30, a $30,000 EV would have a $12 registration fee.

You have options when it comes to which electric vehicle you buy

5. As electric vehicle adoption increases, more and more models are available.

There are currently about 29 EV models available for sale in Arizona, with more being announced all the time as car manufacturers commit to electrifying a larger percentage of their fleets. This means there are more and more options available across price points and vehicle types.

Be sure to read our blog post about electric vehicle price and range myths vs. facts.

6. There are also more used EVs available.

While tax credits aren’t available on used EVs in our state, many electric cars are purchased on lease. This means that there is typically a great inventory of 3-year-old EVs with low miles and great warranties. For example, I purchased my 2015 BMW i-3 as a certified pre-owned vehicle for just about $20,000.

7. Range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past.

In a 2018 AAA survey, 58% of consumers said they wouldn’t go electric because they feared they would run out of charge while driving. In reality, as battery technology improves, so does the range on EVs. In fact, most new battery electric vehicles can drive 120 to 250 miles on a charge. Some can travel even farther.

Electric vehicle charging is becoming more prevalent

8. The public charging network is expanding.

The network of charging stations continues to expand throughout Arizona and beyond. While most EV drivers charge with a level 1 or level 2 charger at home, there is always the option to charge publicly when necessary. Some of these public chargers are even free! Find them through PlugShare or the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

9. More employers are installing workplace chargers.

As more drivers invest in EVs, companies are looking for ways to provide perks to employees who are driving low- and zero-emission modes of transportation. To date, more than 230 electric vehicle chargers have been installed at Valley businesses thanks, in part, to SRP’s Workplace EV Charging Rebate Program. (Be sure to share it with your employer if they haven’t installed chargers yet!)

Time-saving reasons to buy an electric vehicle

10. You’ll get to work faster with HOV lane access.

Tired of sitting in rush-hour traffic? If you get a fully battery-powered EV, you can join Arizona’s energy-efficient plate program to get full access to the carpool lane at any time, regardless of the number of passengers in your car.

11. You’ll never visit an emissions testing station again.

If your EV of choice is fully battery-powered, you can skip the emissions testing station, saving time and money when it’s time to renew your registration.

12. You can skip the gas station.

Likewise, with a fully electric vehicle, you’ll have no need to stop at the gas station each week—unless of course you just need to get some snacks.

Environmental, health and safety reasons to buy an electric vehicle

13. EVs are better for your health.

Vehicles that burn gasoline and diesel produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and diesel particulate matter. These compounds are known or suspected to cause cancer and other serious health effects, according to the EPA. By switching to an EV, you’re doing your part to improve public health.

14. Low- or no-emissions electric vehicles are better for the environment.

By choosing to drive an EV, you’re helping to lessen exhaust emissions that contribute to climate change and smog. This reduced air pollution improves public health and reduces ecological damage. And as electricity generation becomes cleaner, emissions will continue to go down over time.

Learn more about SRP’s growing renewable energy portfolio.

15. You’ll lessen noise pollution too.

Studies show that noise pollution is also bad for our health. Ever notice how silent EVs are? Feel calm and cool when you’re cruising in your EV and not contributing to the problem.

16. EVs are safe.

EVs must undergo the same rigorous safety testing and meet the same safety standards required for conventional vehicles, plus additional EV-specific safety standards. And because EVs tend to have a lower center of gravity, they’re less likely to roll over.

Patriotic reasons to buy an EV

17. Buying an EV is also good for the country.

According to, “The U.S. used nearly 9 billion barrels of petroleum last year, two-thirds of which went toward transportation. Our reliance on petroleum makes us vulnerable to price spikes and supply disruptions. EVs help reduce this threat because almost all U.S. electricity is produced from domestic sources, including coal, nuclear, natural gas and renewable sources.”

It’s awesome to drive an electric vehicle and be part of the community

18. EVs offer instant torque and outstanding performance.

Only EV drivers know the joy of the rapid, responsive acceleration made possible by an electric motor. Try it once, and you’ll be hooked.

19. You’ll still be an early adopter.

Although there are more and more EVs on the road every day, we still have a long way to go in EV adoption. Be a part of the EV revolution and help drive this important new technology forward.

20. Plus, you can join SRP’s electric vehicle community.

As soon as you drive home in your EV, you’ll be able to join SRP’s EV community. As part of the community, you’ll have access to special offers and opportunities and pocket a $50 Amazon gift card just for signing up.

So there you have it—20 reasons to buy an EV in 2020. Sold? Browse the U.S. Consumer’s Guide to Electric Vehicles to discover the newest models, including the EPA-estimated driving range and charge time.

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