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5 secure ways to pay your SRP electric bill

When it’s time to pay your electric bill, are you aware of your options? Whether you’re a hands-on pay-month-to-month customer or like your payment to be on autopilot, we’ve got you covered.

To help make sure your payment is received by us, pay your bill one of these secure ways:

  1. Pay your electric bill by check. SRP’s eChex service lets you pay your SRP bill online from your checking account. It’s easy, secure, free and available 24 hours a day.
  2. Set up autopay. SRP SurePay™ enables you to have your bill paid automatically each month from your checking or savings account. The funds are withdrawn from your bank account on the same day.
  3. Pay with cash. Cash payments can be made in person at more than 500 retail locations, including supermarkets, pharmacies and other stores.
  4. Mail your payment to SRP, P.O. Box 2951, Phoenix, AZ 85062-2951. Please note that this is a new address effective as of Jan. 21, 2022.
  5. Pay by credit/debit card. Credit/debit card payments can be made online or by phone. This service is provided by an outside processing firm that charges a $2 convenience fee for each transaction.

Did You Know? Protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities here at SRP. This article will help you spot a utility scam by phone, email and in person. Please know that if your payment is past due, we will send you a reminder bill.

Help those in need pay their electric bills

SRP partners with the Salvation Army to provide energy assistance to those in need through SHARE – Service to Help Arizonans with Relief on Energy. SRP will match your contributions to SHARE up to $275,000 per year. This money goes directly to the Home Energy Assistance Fund, which helps limited-income customers pay their electric bills.
How you can contribute to SHARE:

  • Add exactly $1, $2 or $5 to your SRP payment.
  • Complete our online form or call SRP at (602) 236-8888 to make a one-time contribution or set up a recurring monthly donation.
  • Write a check directly to SHARE and enclose it with your SRP payment.


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