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Water Safety

ABCs of water safety

SRP has been delivering water to the Valley for over 100 years and our commitment to keeping families safe around water grows stronger every day. 

The rules for water safety are as easy as remembering the ABCs 

A: Adult Supervision

Assign a designated Water Watcher. Responsibilities include supervising everyone, including children and adults, in and around water while remaining distraction-free. 

B: Barriers

Enclose your pool with a self-closing, self-locking fence. Remove climbable objects such as patio furniture from the pool area. Keep your back door and back gate secured with top locks that are out of the reach of children.  

C: Class

Everyone in the family should take swimming lessons and learn CPR.    

Water safety should always be a top priority whether you’re swimming in a backyard pool, floating on a lake or river, jogging along a canal or even taking a bath. Let the ABCs of water safety serve as a reminder to keep you and your loved ones safe around water. 

Water safety is a shared responsibility

SRP delivers raw water via our 131 miles of canals before it eventually reaches and fills backyard, apartment complex and public city pools. We partner with municipalities, local community groups, agencies and organizations to increase awareness and promote ways to stay safe around all bodies of water. We’re dedicated to helping keep you and your family safe. 

Did you know Phoenix has a secret waterfall?

Canal trails are a great way to see glistening waterways, one of which leads to a hidden gem in the heart of the Valley.

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