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Adapting to an evolving power grid 

As the population of the Valley grows, so does our need for energy. We’ve developed a blueprint for power planning called the Integrated System Plan (ISP) to ensure we meet this need with reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

How is the grid changing? 

Our community, along with the need for energy, is growing at an unprecedented rate. Through rooftop solar and electric vehicles, our customers are using power in new ways. This means we will need to invest in more and diverse generation resources, develop new customer options and develop more transmission lines.

Additionally, we will have to adapt our grid to handle new ways of consuming and conserving energy. With wind and solar growing as renewable energy sources, this could affect the times of day customers would be encouraged to use energy. For example, because solar generation relies on sunshine, customers may be encouraged to shift energy usage to daylight hours when solar power is abundant and conserve more at night when there’s less energy production. 

Regardless of what the future brings, our ISP will help support our ability to adapt to these changes and continue to provide reliable power to our customers.  

What is SRP’s plan? 

The ISP will serve as a roadmap and lead our decision-making when it comes to expanding the power grid. This plan considers evolving customer needs, reliability, affordability and sustainability. We know our customers want us to provide the greenest energy possible while maintaining affordability and reliability, especially during the hot summer months. This is why we brought our transmission and distribution teams, resource planners, customer program and pricing designers, and community leaders to the table to navigate the planning process.

Why did SRP develop the ISP? 

Our customers are the center of our planning. We engaged with our residential customers directly to understand their needs and priorities when it comes to energy, and we found that affordability mattered the most. We want to make sure we’re prepared to evolve along with the power industry while still catering to our customers’ needs. 

Plans for the future

Learn more about our strategy for providing reliable, affordable and sustainable water and energy.   

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