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Ashley Isnor talks Sustainability at SRP

Sustainability at SRP is important. Our employees are making sustainable changes today for a better tomorrow.

Meet Ashley Isnor, an Administrative Assistant in SRP’s Power Delivery department. As a member of SRP’s Green Team, Ashley is passionate about advancing sustainability at SRP.

Q & A with Ashley Isnor

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability at SRP means refusing to deprive future generations of the necessary resources to live a comfortable and abundant life. I try to bring the sentiment of sustainability into all of my conscious decisions. Every single action we make has a consequence, whether we want to be aware of it or not. I choose awareness because it is empowering.

Why is sustainability important to you?

The single-use/throwaway culture is wreaking havoc on our planet. The majority of us are lucky enough to not be confronted with this reality on a daily basis, if at all. Progress toward or away from an ethical and circular economy is dictated by every choice that we make. We can’t buy a shiny, new Earth after we’ve destroyed this one!

What impact has getting involved in sustainability had on you?

Getting involved with sustainability, specifically at SRP, has brought me face to face with so many people I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to connect with. In my humble opinion, the inception of the SRP Green Team has been the single greatest advancement toward progressing our company’s culture toward mindful stewardship of our environment. Before the Green Team, I often felt like I was screaming at a brick wall in an attempt to get people to pay attention to the problems we are being confronted with. That sense of community is immeasurably important.

What value do you get out of engaging in sustainability?

I view life as a grand and immersive video game. With each lifestyle change I am able to make, I imagine I am leveling up my sustainability XP (experience points). I dream of a world where we all max out our sustainability, health and happiness XP.

About SRP’s Green Team

Founded in 2018, the Green Team is a grassroots volunteer effort that empowers SRP employees to build a culture of sustainability by giving them an outlet for introducing new initiatives that limit our impact on the environment.

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