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Debunking myths around solar energy

There is a lot of false information about solar floating around out there. We’re addressing the most common solar myths head-on to make sure you’re equipped with the most accurate understanding. 

Myth #1: Solar is too expensive

Options like paying cash, leasing or financing can help make installing solar power more attainable depending on your needs.  

Log in to your SRP account to use our solar calculator, which is customized with your energy usage data, to receive a free estimate and learn if rooftop solar is within your budget.  

Myth #2: Solar panels don’t work on cloudy days or if it snows

In the same way you can get sunburned on cloudy days, solar panels still absorb the sun’s rays when it’s overcast, just not at peak performance.  

Many panels are now bifacial, which means they can produce power from both sides of the panel – absorbing rays directly from the sun and those that reflect off rooftops.  

Myth #3: We can replace all power plants with solar

For now, traditional power sources play a critical role in supporting solar energy systems, ensuring a reliable supply of power at times when solar plants cannot supply the energy needed by our customers, like at night or during hours of peak demand when solar production is significantly lower.  

We are strengthening and preparing the grid for a future that’s powered by renewable energy while maintaining the reliability we need to keep your family safe.  

We’re applying smart growth strategies and the right balance of sustainable and traditional fuel sources to ensure that we can best serve one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas with clean energy both today and into the future – without sacrificing reliability and affordability.   

Myth #4: Rooftop solar should be the focus of sustainable energy efforts

SRP supports rooftop solar along with a diverse resource mix to serve our customers. While residential solar alone cannot power the grid, SRP helps customers interested in rooftop solar through our Preferred Solar Installer program. 

Valley residents can feel good knowing that SRP is developing large-scale solar projects that provide power to the entire grid to generate, store and use more solar energy to support a clean energy future for Arizona. Customers interested in supporting this development can enroll in SRP Solar Choice™

Are you on the right price plan?

If you’ve already installed solar panels on your home, make sure you’re on the solar price plan that best suits your energy usage habits. 

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