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The future of transportation is electric

Since our founding in 1903, SRP has been driven by two things: serving the community and innovation. Now, 120 years later, as we work to expand the use of electric vehicles (EVs)in the Valley, those two guiding principles are still very much in play. 

As part of our 2035 Sustainability Goals, we have developed a Transportation Electrification Roadmap to help support the enablement of 500,000 EVs in our service territory. These focused efforts extend further than personal cars — they also include transforming and electrifying many commercial vehicles, such as work trucks, as well as school and city buses. 

There are many reasons to switch to an EV

With only around 16,000 EVs currently in use in SRP territory, you can imagine there’s a lot of important work to be done. Our dedication to helping shape an EV future means we can more swiftly decarbonize our economy and reach clean air and sustainability goals. 

Curious about the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle? Here are the top reasons to make the switch.  

So how do we get there? The short answer is “together.” SRP is working with our community partners, governmental agencies and, most importantly, our residential and business customers to identify ways to support and reward EV adoption. 

Here are a few steps we’re already taking

Residential customers can plug in and save through the:

  • SRP EV Charger Rebate – $250 instant rebate on Level 2 chargers purchased from SRP Marketplace
  • EV Price Plan – A plan designed to save EV drivers up to 9% by charging their cars during off-peak hours
  • EV Community – Offers news, our latest EV initiatives and special deals. Get $50 when you join.
  • EV Calculator – An easy-to-use tool that shows future EV owners their potential savings

Electrifying incentives for business customers:

  • E-technology rebates incentivize the electrification of work equipment, such as electric forklifts and truck charging bays, by giving up to $50,000 back. 
  • The EV Charger Rebate offers businesses savings when installing Level 2 networked charging station ports for use by their tenants, customers, employees or fleet vehicles. 
  • SRP’s ENERGY STAR® Homes program partners with homebuilders across the Valley to ensure new homes are EV-ready and equipped with 220-volt outlets needed for Level 2 EV chargers. 

In addition to these customer-focused initiatives, SRP is always analyzing the potential impacts increased EV usage may have on our electric grid. We continually maintain, improve and modernize our grid resources to deliver reliable, quality electricity. 

The road ahead is electric

At SRP we believe the road ahead is not only exciting, it’s electric! 

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