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Woman engineer is inspecting a wall of electric boxes.

Electrical engineering at SRP

Our electrical engineers help enable SRP to consistently provide reliable power to the Valley. By troubleshooting and successfully resolving issues that arise in our power system, they’re doing impactful work that’s crucial to SRP’s mission. 

Along with competitive benefits and an empowering work culture, our employees thrive with job stability and a positive work-life balance.

Something new every day

One of the benefits of our electrical engineering positions is the variety of projects and collaboration opportunities. Combining creativity and innovation, our engineers work together to solve technical problems within our system. 

“Being an electrical engineer in the Meter Engineering department is an absolute blast,” said Denisse Delos Santos. “I get to dive into a world of technology where every day feels like solving a new puzzle. The thrill of troubleshooting and improving energy measurement systems is incredibly satisfying, and the fast-paced nature of the field keeps me on my toes.” 

Electrical engineering job responsibilities: 

  • Design and maintain system infrastructure 
  • Identify emerging technologies to recommend for future use 
  • Assist in monitoring and evaluating project performance 
  • Prepare special reports, memorandums and presentations of findings 

Jump-start your career 

SRP provides a stable career trajectory and the opportunity to learn from industry experts. 

“Working alongside proven engineers and tenured technicians will assist any new engineer [in developing] the necessary skills to bring to any work environment.”

— Sergio Jimenez, Network Engineer, Telecommunication Systems

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