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Electrical equipment in your backyard

SRP crew members have many different roles and responsibilities, one of which is to respond to issues regarding electrical equipment across the Valley. It is very common for electrical equipment to be located on a customer’s property. This equipment is not always obvious or visible and may even be buried underground.

We do our best to inform our customers as far in advance as possible if we need access to their property for maintenance. However, crew members sometimes need immediate access to property when responding to emergencies or storm-related damages and outages. 

We understand that the timing isn’t always convenient, but it is crucial that customers willingly allow our crew members access to their property. Access to premises is critical to SRP’s ability to maintain the electrical grid, and because of this, customers are not permitted to refuse access to crew members. If SRP personnel are not given voluntary access, this can result in less than ideal situations for both our crew members and customers, such as cutting locks, climbing walls and negative encounters with pets. We want to avoid this! 

Reminder: Just because you can’t see our equipment does not mean it isn’t there – we have underground equipment. 

Avoiding Scams

In-person and door-to-door scams happen regularly. We want our customers to feel safe and secure with legitimate SRP personnel working around their home.

Important note: An SRP crew member may need to access equipment even if the residence isn’t currently experiencing an outage. In this case, customers are still encouraged to call SRP to verify the crew member’s identity. 

SRP personnel always: 

  • Wear a branded shirt displaying an SRP logo 
  • Have a visible SRP identification badge  
  • Drive an SRP branded truck 
  • Never ask to enter the home  

When in doubt, give us a shout.

Scammers use a variety of tactics to target our customers. 

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