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A crowd watches a demonstration as a man works on a power line.

Stay safe around power lines 

Safety is our priority. At SRP, our goal is that every employee goes home in the same condition as how they arrived at work. We hope to expand these values into the community through our annual Electrical Safety Workshop

Preventing electrical hazards on the job

Our Electrical Safety Workshop is geared toward members of the community who work in landscaping, tree trimming, excavating, roofing and other jobs where they could come into contact with overhead or underground power lines. Through presentations and live demonstrations from industry experts, attendees will gain insight on how to stay safe and avoid electrical hazards. 

The workshop will cover: 

  • Safe digging practices 
  • Burn risk awareness 
  • Electrocution risks 
  • Tree-trimming precautions 

English and Spanish translations of the presentations will be available. 

The importance of safety

Not only do we strive to deliver reliable power to the community, but it’s important we do so safely. Improper contact with a power line can cause power surges, falls, electrocution and electrical burns. We hope to mitigate these dangers by showing how to avoid electrical accidents to those who face risks in the field. 

“It’s our responsibility to the Valley to make sure everyone is safe around SRP equipment. It’s part of being a good neighbor and a good member of the community.”

— Denny Cox, SRP Safety Services Manager 

We hope to inspire those attending the Electrical Safety Workshop to adopt a safety culture mindset into their work. 

Join us

Along with our presentations and live demonstrations, enjoy a buffet breakfast and take part in our prize raffle. 

  • Feb. 24, 2024 
  • 6:30 a.m.-noon 
  • SRP PERA Club: 1 E. Continental Drive, Tempe, AZ 85288 

We’ll see you there

Register for the Electrical Safety Workshop today.

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