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SRP takes part in 2019 Arizona Town Hall

Recently, the non-profit Arizona Town Hall brought people together in a unique format to help solve critical policy issues facing Arizona’s communities. Meet the two employees that participated and learn more about the non-profit we partner with below.

Much has changed since SRP was founded in the Valley more than 100 years ago. What hasn’t changed is the need for healthy communities, which are vital to Arizona’s continued growth and success.

SRP is a longtime supporter of the organization Arizona Town Hall, providing both funding and key employee participation.

See other ways that SRP employees are committed to contributing to worthy causes in our community in a recent post.  

Recently, the group brought together a panel of individuals from across the state representing dozens of organizations, municipalities and more. The purpose of the town halls is to explore ways to support healthy families and children and, in turn, healthy communities.

SRP representation among AZ Town Hall attendees

SRP sent two representatives to participate in the 2019 Arizona Town Hall panel. Heidi Schaefer, Director of Corporate Taxes, and Christina Worden, PIC Administrator, Public Affairs, took part in the multiday discussion, contributing perspective and expertise.

“I was honored to be chosen,” Worden said. “There were so many different perspectives and backgrounds taking part. We had the mayors of Colorado City and Wellton, college students and people from social services — all people who care deeply about Arizona.

“The Arizona Town Halls bring people together on critical issues to dialogue and find better ways to solve problems. It’s a key process that helps move Arizona forward.”

Heidi schaeer, Director of Corporate taxes, SRP

In addition to their roles at SRP, each of the women works with nonprofits in the community and brought their unique experience to the sessions.

“I’ve been a part of four Arizona Town Halls,” Schaefer said. “This year’s focus on ‘Strong Families, Thriving Children’ was aligned closely with my engagement in the community. I sit on several boards and committees related to education, which are only able to thrive with healthy families.”

Kathy Haake and Jan Miller, each retirees, also attended, showing the deep SRP roots this event brings to bear.

SRP’s support of the overall strategy

SRP’s support of the Arizona Town Hall is in close alignment with the company’s health and human services community outreach focus area.

Said Schaeffer, “SRP’s customers and employees — we are the Arizona community. Families are the basis for a strong community. So to make these communities strong [through participation in the Town Hall], that’s a big focus for our company. It flows right along.”

Arizona Town Halls ultimately work to foster stronger communities across Arizona. The challenges in achieving big goals such as strong families and thriving children are real, but both SRP participants say that the events are a critical component to reaching them.

“The Arizona Town Halls bring people together on critical issues to dialogue and find better ways to solve problems,” Schaeffer said. “It’s a key process that helps move Arizona forward.”

Worden added, “We have challenges in Arizona, but there are so many people committed to solving them. I left the Town Hall feeling optimistic and thrilled that SRP cares so deeply about these issues.”

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