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Bashas’: Arizona’s hometown sustainable grocer

In recent years, being a more sustainable grocer has been at the top of Bashas’ priority list.

Bashas’ Family of Stores opened its first market in the Ocotillo neighborhood of Chandler in 1932. Over the years, Bashas’ chain of stores has come to also include Food City and AJ’s Fine Foods. In recent years these stores have been going through a sustainability makeover.

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From small steps people can take every day to large-scale zero-waste events such as the Waste Management Phoenix Open, sustainability looks different to everyone. The common thread here, though, is it takes time and effort.

“You don’t work toward sustainability unless you do it deliberately, with intention and with a plan,” said Tim Wiese, Bashas’ Director of Maintenance.

6 ways Bashas’ is committed to being a sustainable company

We couldn’t agree more, Tim. That’s why we’re sharing some ways that Arizona’s hometown grocer is working toward being a more sustainable company.

“You don’t work toward sustainability unless you do it deliberately, with intention and with a plan.”

Tim Wiese, Bashas’ Director of Maintenance

1. Energy Efficiency

In 2017, Bashas’ installed a sustainable thermal energy storage system, which you can read about more in this Progressive Grocer article.

Equally as impressive, all old store lighting has been replaced with money-and-energy-saving LED lighting. Changing to LEDs has not only made the stores look great but also helped the stores save $2.5 million per year and enough energy to power about 555 homes annually.

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2. Recycling

Beginning in the early ’70s — before recycling was the “trendy” thing to do — Bashas’ was a pioneer in sustainability. The company is focused on recycling basic items and supplies, such as plastic bottles, paper, and metal from bakery racks and shopping carts.

According to Bashas’ Sustainability Manager Roberto Reyes, each year the company recycles:

  • 175,000 pounds of plastic grocery bags
  • 723,000 pounds of shrink-wrap
  • 14,400 tons of cardboard

3. Reducing food waste

Bashas’ Grocery Rescue Program donates food that is nearing its shelf life to nearby charities that feed hungry Arizonans.

4. Giving back to the community

Since its beginning close to a century ago, Bashas’ has given back more than $100 million to the communities it serves. This includes a rotating “Charity of the Month.

5. Growing the economy as one of Arizona’s largest employers

There are many benefits of economic growth. One way to grow the economy is to create jobs and keep dollars in our local economy. Economic sustainability is important, too.

6. Partnering with SRP to make the right decisions

To do this, Bashas’ worked very closely with their strategic energy manager to make big decisions and determine what rebates they qualified for. SRP strategic energy managers are employees who work with commercial customers to come up with a plan of action for lowering energy usage and saving money.

From overhead lighting to lighting in the display cases, Bashas’ has made the switch to all LEDs.

The future is green

“Arizona’s not just where we do business — it’s our home,” said Trey Basha, Bashas’ President and CEO. “We work here, live here and raise our families here. My family came to Arizona in 1910, two years before we became a state. We’re fully invested in making sure we’re good stewards of our environment.”

We’re glad that Bashas’ is working hard to make decisions that center around sustainability for the environment, employees and customers. If you’re looking to make some changes for your business, get started today at or contact your Strategic Energy Manager.

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