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Eco-friendly gifts that help save energy, water and the planet

This holiday season, we’re all about products that help us live an eco-friendly life. Saving energy, water and the planet is easier with the help of energy-efficient products from SRP Marketplace™! 

There are a lot of green products on the market these days, and the amount of options can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we are happy to share some of our favorite products for the environment-loving person in your life. 

Save smarter, not harder, with eco-friendly products

In today’s world, there are many ways we can work together to conserve. One way to save energy, water and money is to choose high-efficiency products for your home. These products help you save year-round! 

Sustainable and sensational

Smart thermostats offer control on the go from any iOS or Android device, making it possible to regulate your home temperature from anywhere. Additionally, SRP customers can receive an instant $50 bill credit and an additional $25 bill credit per year when you enroll in the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program™ (BYOT)1. For more holiday cheer, stack these rebates with holiday sales to make the price go even lower. 

Take a breath of fresh air 

Air purifiers can help you breathe a (clean) sigh of relief this holiday season. With gatherings and celebrations often occurring in the home, the quality of air you and your guests breath becomes more crucial. These devices work to promote a healthier environment for all who enter your home.

Light the way to energy savings. 

Bombillas LED use a lot less energy than regular bulbs. They are not only a sustainable choice, but they also have some surprising benefits. Our Cyber Monday LED deals are a great chance to stock up at a discount! 

LED bulbs are more affordable than ever, and they can help you save money on your electric bill. When purchased from SRP Marketplace, SRP customers can save even more through instant rebates2

Cruise with confidence 

If you have an electric vehicle (EV) on your Christmas wish list, be sure to pair it with this smart and energy-efficient charger.  

Set it and forget it after scheduling your charging times when rates are lower and get notified when the car is fully charged. With an impressive instant rebate of $2503, this is a great time to outfit your home with top-notch EV charging gear. 

‘Tis the season to upgrade and save

Show your home, wallet and the environment some cheer with exclusive discounts and rebates on eco-friendly products. 

1Restrictions apply. Up to $25 available to SRP residential electric customers. Limit two rebates per customer, per year. 

2Restrictions apply. Up to $1.37 off per bulb available to SRP residential electric customers. Limit 50 rebates per customer, per year. 

3Restrictions apply. Up to $250 off to SRP residential electric customers. Limit two rebates per customer, per year. 

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