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SRP employees highlight the benefits of a professional mentorship program

You may know that the benefits of a mentorship program and mentoring relationships are very valuable— countless studies and stories attest to that.

This is especially true when working to build a more inclusive workplace. Taking part in a professional mentorship program can have a positive impact on feelings of inclusion.

“Mentors give encouragement and accountability to take tough actions. … They inspire hard work and growth.”

Patricia Ewanski, Senior Analyst, Strategic Planning

SRP, like many other companies, taps into professional mentorship as a way to empower employees to learn and develop new relationships and skills within the company.

In recognition of National Mentoring Month, five SRP employees are sharing their experience with mentorship. They hope it will inspire others in their own mentorship journeys.

Real employees share their thoughts on mentorship programs

Mentorship programs can lead to new perspectives

Melissa Pardo, Lead Customer Service Representative, enjoys gaining a different perspective through her mentorship.

“Having the mentor I have has really helped me grow — personally and professionally,” Melissa said. “One role model can really change your perspective about yourself and the way you do life.”

Melissa is a part of the leadership team in our world-class customer service team, which is a great foot-in-the-door at SRP. See how some employees launched their SRP careers by way of our customer contact center.

Mentoring is a two-way street

Kate Kochenderfer, Senior Director, Supply Chain, Transportation and Flight Services, shares that the learning goes both ways in her experience as both mentor and mentee.

“I feel that no matter what the relationship is, mentee or mentor, they learn from each other,” she said. “I love to hear from frontline employees on what is being heard, how their job is going and how they receive communication.”

Meaningful connections lead to career growth

For Marcus Mckibben, Senior Analyst, IT Systems, “The most valuable part of mentorship is the individualized attention and time spent focused on growth.”

Additionally, he shared, “I have gained a lot from hearing the perspectives and advice given by mentors based on their own journeys.”

Mentorship programs foster personal and professional growth

Nick Carter is the Manager of Unified Messaging. He has played both roles at SRP — taking part in the program as a mentee and, later, serving as a mentor.

“Mentors can provide an objective, unbiased perspective about growth, development and career progression,” he explained. “I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experiences to help others grow and develop.”

Mentors hold you accountable

To Patricia Ewanski, Senior Analyst, Strategic Planning, her experience with mentors “give encouragement and accountability to take tough actions. … They inspire hard work and growth.”

In fact, she explained, “I was held accountable to take challenging steps for my own growth. I had a model of service and professional responses.”

Looking for opportunities at an employer with a strong mentorship program?

In conclusion, a mentorship program in a professional setting can help employees gain valuable perspective. Additionally, building meaningful relationships goes both ways, and benefits both the mentor and mentee.

We hope that you feel inspired to seek mentorship opportunities, whether it’s in a professional setting or in a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If you’re considering applying and want to learn more about opportunities at SRP, visit here. Feel free to click “contact us” if you have questions.

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