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SRP celebrates National Work and Family Month highlighting Lacey James.

SRP company culture supports working families

National Work and Family Month takes place annually in October to encourage healthy workplace cultures with a balance between personal life, work and family. 

Valuing work-life balance 

One of our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) provides SRP employees with resources and networking opportunities that foster peace of mind about work-life balance. One of our employees, Lacey James, was inspired to join Working Families after attending the Bring Your Kids to Work Day event that the ERG hosted. With 300 employees bringing over 500 kids to Bring Your Kids to Work Day, the successful event gave children a glimpse of what it’s like to work at SRP. 

“The entire reason I came to work at SRP was for a work-life balance, and this ERG is exactly what I wanted to be a part of and support,” said James. 

Beginning a new path with SRP 

James was born and raised in Arizona, where she’s currently raising her two children. She understands the difficulties that can come with supporting a family while getting an education and fostering a career. While working as a water resource manager at a municipality and finishing her degree at night, she found a work-life balance was not attainable. She felt it was time to take a second look at her career path. 

In 2021 when a water resource analyst position opened up at SRP, she knew this was the opportunity she wanted to pursue.  

“I worked closely with a lot of incredible SRP employees throughout my career with the cities, and everyone always raved about the work-life balance and positive culture that SRP provides.”

Lacey James, Senior Water Resource Analyst 

While working for SRP, she gets to attend her children’s school events, help them with homework and prepare them for tryouts while balancing a meaningful career. James said, “I have been with SRP for a little over two years now, and it was the greatest career decision I have made for my family. The ‘mom guilt’ has finally subsided, and my family life is happier and stronger than ever.”

Find balance with career opportunities at SRP

Join James and many other working parents by applying at SRP today. 

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