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Get the same bill every month

As the temperature begins to drop in the Valley, so do our electric bills. It can be nice to enjoy a break from those high summer bills, but there are a few ways that you can start lowering next summer’s energy costs now

Enroll in SRP Budget Billing™ 

If you’ve ever wished that your electric bill stayed the same regardless of seasonal temperatures, then SRP Budget Billing may be a great option for you. 

Living in the desert comes with higher summer bills compared to winter, but with Budget Billing, you’re able to pay a balanced and consistent rate each month. Rather than having a low bill in the winter and a high bill in the summer, SRP can evaluate your energy use and average out your bill for you, so you pay about the same amount each month. We will reevaluate your bill quarterly to ensure the price you’re paying reflects your energy usage.  

If you decide you no longer wish to continue using the Budget Billing program, you can simply unenroll. You will also automatically be unenrolled if you miss two payments.  

The best time to enroll is during the fall, this gives you time to build a credit before the hot summer months. Take advantage of the Budget Billing program this season. 

More ways to keep your bill low 

A great tool to pair with Budget Billing is high energy usage alerts. By signing up for SRP eNotes™ text and email alerts, you can be notified when your energy use is higher than usual. Bill costs are adjusted quarterly according to energy use, so this will help you predict whether your Budget Billing amount will increase after each quarter. 

Another useful tool is SRP SurePay™. With SRP SurePay, your bills are paid automatically from your bank account on time, every time, so you won’t miss your payments and risk being unenrolled from Budget Billing. 

And if you’d like the convenience of managing your account, notifications and payments from your smartphone, download the SRP Power app™. You can easily monitor your energy usage in the app, making it easier to predict your monthly bill while also gaining insight on how your household is using power. 

Manage your electric bills consistently and easily by signing up for Budget Billing.

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