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Help prevent wildfires through SRP Healthy Forest Initiative™

Before and after: from overgrown to strategically thinned. Use the slider to see what a healthy and restored forest looks like.

SRP’s Healthy Forest Initiative rethinks how we restore the health of Arizona’s forests. Our program aims to prevent large, hot wildfires rather than clean up after them. Sadly, since the year 2000, 2.9 million acres have burned in and around the 13,000 square miles of northern Arizona that make up the Salt and Verde river watersheds.

Since 2002, 6 megafires have burned through the watersheds.

If we don’t do something about it now, that number will grow. Currently, it’s estimated that about 80% of Arizona’s forests are overgrown and unhealthy. Due to fire-igniting brush and the overcrowding of small trees, millions of Arizona forest acres are at risk of burning.

Not only is it devastating to see the beautiful forests in flames, but wildfires also pose a threat to the Valley’s water supply.

Healthy forests mean a healthy water supply

For over a century, SRP has proudly delivered over half of the Valley’s water supply. With that duty comes a great responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the water supply and forests.

Unfortunately, out-of-control wildfires do more than scorch the earth and trees. In addition to burning hundreds, sometimes thousands, of trees per acre, catastrophic wildfires release large amounts of carbon and pollutants into the air. To sum it up, here’s how these wildfires pose a threat to our water:

  1. The wildfire ruins the forest floor and soil nutrients.
  2. Snowmelt and rain can’t be absorbed into the ground.
  3. Water runoff picks up dirt, sediment and debris, which then end up in our water supply. This can cause water quality and supply issues for communities across the state.

A healthy forest allows more snow and rain to soak into the soil. As a result, sustainable, reliable water makes its way into the rivers, lakes, canals and eventually, your home.

SRP is committed to data-and science-based forest restoration efforts. That’s why we invest in research projects and have a goal to thin 500,000 acres by 2035.

Strategically thinning our forests through the Healthy Forest Initiative

Over the years, SRP’s Trees for Change™ program has planted more than 2 million trees in forested areas destroyed by wildfires. While this impact has been significant, the need to prevent wildfires through strategic thinning is far more critical.

That’s why we’re shifting our efforts to restoring Arizona’s forests before large wildfires happen. SRP’s Healthy Forest Initiative does just that.

Strategic thinning removes small trees and brush. Removing unhealthy trees reduces wildfires and allows healthier and more resilient trees to grow. Especially with climate change, which the NOAA predicts will lead to bigger and more frequent fires , this effort is even more urgent.

In addition to preventing and slowing catastrophic wildfires, this strategic thinning effort:

  • Leaves large, mature trees that are more resilient to disease and insects
  • Helps store more carbon in healthy trees and in wood products made from small trees
  • Creates a healthier ecosystem more resilient to the effects of climate change
  • Protects and enhances wildlife habitats
  • Brings jobs to the area

Help save our forests and water supply

If you want to help prevent devastating wildfires, we invite you to join the SRP Healthy Forest Initiative. SRP will match the contributions of its customers up to $200,000 per year.

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