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Lineworkers climbing a power line in the field

Life as a line worker

Our crews of line workers build and maintain our power lines, allowing us to provide reliable power across the Valley.  

What do line workers do on the job? 

This role involves skilled work to complete the following responsibilities: 

  • Perform emergency maintenance on lines, equipment, meters and more 
  • Climb poles and towers to install line equipment 
  • Collaborate with your crew to see transmission projects through from start to finish 

One of our line workers, Caden Kerby, started in our apprenticeship program where he learned a handful of skills that he finds useful in his current position.  

“You get to brush up on all your skills, stay light on your feet, and know that what you’ve learned will be kept in practice daily.”

– Caden Kerby, Lineman 

Kerby says it’s gratifying to show up to a job whether it’s a large storm or a small outage, to be able to put people back into power. 

Why SRP? 

While making a stable living, you’ll also find a healthy work-life balance here at SRP. Often times line working careers can involve travel that keeps folks from family time, but our line workers often comment on how grateful they are to come home to their families every night. 

Along with a balanced lifestyle, SRP employees receive a competitive benefits package and pension. 

How do line workers impact the community? 

Securing our power systems is incredibly important work, but our line workers have also gone above and beyond in the community. 

SRP, along with over 20 other utilities, participate in a project called “Light Up Navajo,” led by the American Public Power Association (APPA) and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA). Through this project, we’ve been able to bring power to nearly 14,000 homes beyond our service territory on the Navajo Nation. We donated employee time, line and mechanic service trucks and digging equipment towards this initiative. 

One volunteer said, “The little bit we do here can brighten someone’s life, literally.” 

Join our crews

Learn more about line worker positions here at SRP. 

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