Splashing into safety for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us, and for most Americans, this means a time of remembrance, good food and fun in the sun. With the weather heating up and the school year coming to an end, going for a swim is a fun and easy way to cool off and keep the family occupied.

As a provider of water to the Valley, we are committed to your safety around water.

Unfortunately, a fun time in the pool can quickly turn tragic. Did you know that Arizona is in the top five states for the most fatal child drownings nearly every year?

Tips to stay safe

The Arizona Department of Health Services reports that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for young children. As grim as that reality is, there are steps everyone can take to ensure children stay safe around water.

1. Always assign a water watcher.

Whether it’s a scrub in the tub or you’re enjoying one of our beautiful Arizona lakes, a walk along a canal or splashing around in a pool, capable adults who know how to swim, have had CPR training and can perform CPR in case of an emergency should be in charge.

2. Create a safe space

Pools should be enclosed with a self-locking fence with vertical bars, and gates should never be propped open. Outdoor furniture should be moved inside the pool fence so children can’t use it to climb over.

3. Take courses and teach children safety.

Learn how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults. Knowledge can help you save a life.

4. Use life jackets.

Don’t depend on a pool floaty. Life jackets should have the U.S. Coast Guard-approved label on them and fit properly based on weight.

5. Don’t go it alone.

Being safe isn’t just for kids. Always swim with a buddy or let someone know where you’ll be and for how long.

Learning to swim is important for the entire family

That’s why we also sponsor swimming lessons for adults and children throughout the Valley, as well as partner with Phoenix Children’s Hospital for the Playing it Safe workshops for parents and caregivers of children ages 5 and under. For more information visit our Water Safety page.

Additionally, all customers on a Time of Day plan will enjoy off-peak pricing for the holiday. We hope that everyone has a fun and SAFE holiday weekend.

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