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Utility scale energy storage systems are poised to be a vital part of modernizing the grid and SRP recently signed a contract to begin construction on a new 10-megawatt, 40 megawatt-hour stand-alone battery storage system. This is the third battery storage project that launched in May as part of an initiative to learn how to incorporate utility scale energy storage systems into the electricity grid. This latest project, to be built in Chandler, will be charged by an SRP distribution station and construction began in May, 2018.

Incorporating battery storage into the grid will provide other energy options to meet peak demand needs, which occur late in the day. The battery systems can be charged with low-cost or renewable energy. The variable nature of renewable energy production results in energy being produced at times when demand is low. Now, that same energy can be used to charge a battery storage system potentially increasing the use of “clean” energy when demand is highest.

“Energy storage is already providing a wealth of services to central Arizona’s grid through other deployments, from supporting the growth of renewables to boosting reliability on transmission and distribution grids,” said Mike Hummel, SRP’s General Manager and Chief Executive Officer. “This latest investment will add much-needed efficiency and value for our more than 1 million electric consumers.”

SRP contracted with the AES Corporation (“AES”) on building the facility and the system will be supplied by Fluence. As the largest provider of power to the greater Phoenix area, SRP is drawing on both AES’ experience developing energy storage projects across its platform and Fluence’s expertise in designing and deploying energy storage solutions in 16 countries. Together, SRP, AES and Fluence will deliver a long-lasting, reliable energy storage solution for central Arizona’s power grid and SRP’s electric customers. This is the first stand-alone system of this type in Arizona.

The Fluence team has a successful track record of deploying and operating energy storage for more than 10 years, including many of the first or largest systems in each market. Fluence delivers superior value for its customers by providing proven, industrial-grade energy storage solutions that perform critical tasks reliably and cost-effectively.

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