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Partnering for a better future

SRP has partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) for decades, focusing on sustainability, technology innovation and education initiatives. Our joint efforts share the common goal of finding solutions to issues facing the Phoenix metropolitan area, the state of Arizona and the Southwest region.

What we accomplished in 2023 

  • SRP supported ASU’s multicultural programs and contributed more than $1.4 million to education initiatives throughout the year. 
  • SRP and ASU prioritized research on how to efficiently grow our power grid with a focus on addressing the growing need for electric vehicle charging. 
  • We furthered our involvement in the Department of Energy’s CarbonSAFE program, which is aimed at developing carbon capture and storage projects that support a more sustainable future. 
  • Together, we continued to address water resiliency in Arizona, developing a leading-edge method to determine the impact of forest thinning on increasing the amount of water in our watershed. 
  • We continued the AZNext program, which is designed to create an innovative and sustainable workforce development environment that addresses the need for more skilled workers in IT, cybersecurity and manufacturing roles. 

Future projects

ASU was selected to lead the Electrified Processes for Industry without Carbon (EPIXC) Institute, which will address ways to decarbonize industrial manufacturing through electrification. According to, products like paper, machinery and vehicles are responsible for more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, making this a vital project to move us closer to a net zero carbon future. 

In terms of direct community impact, our partnership with ASU will also explore ways to support and engage with local farmers and nonprofits through the Urban Agriculture and Food Resilience project.  

We will also collaborate on how to advance Arizona’s heat preparedness, addressing the effects of extreme heat on health. We want to support the Valley through meaningful partnerships and impactful safety initiatives.

We’re better together 

See how SRP is partnering for a future with reliable, affordable and sustainable water and power. 

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