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Partnering for water safety during Drowning Impact Awareness Month

Drowning Impact Awareness Month is the entire month of August, and it’s a good time to remember the basics of water safety.

The need for water safety awareness and for people of all ages to stay vigilant near water is especially high this time of year.

Water safety is important

As part of our role in delivering raw water to the Valley, we care about your safety around it. This is why we partner with local organizations to provide tools to help you practice water safety.

One of these partnerships is with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona to offer free CPR classes aimed at saving lives and preventing water incidents.

“One of the things we hear is that our community members can’t afford classes, so SRP provides funding for free or reduced CPR and swimming lessons year-round,” said Regina Lane-Haycock, Community Engagement Strategist for SRP. “We feel access to classes should never be an obstacle to safety.”

According to the CDC, the drowning rate in Arizona continues to be one of the highest in the nation.

How SRP helps

SRP gives more than $3.6 million each year in community giving, including funds toward educating Valley residents in both English and Spanish on ways to stay safe around water and electricity. SRP also participates in more than 50 events across the Valley each year to share safety messages with the community.

Learn more about water safety

Remember to practice water safety year-round outside and inside your home! Take a CPR class, enroll your children in swimming lessons and take advantage of other resources.

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