Partnering for water safety during Drowning Impact Awareness Month

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Water safety is important

Water safety is top of mind because summer in Arizona is water season. From pool parties to monsoons, water can be found everywhere. The need for water safety awareness and for people of all ages to stay vigilant near water is especially high this time of year. That’s why August was named Drowning Impact Awareness Month in 2004.

SRP brings water to the Valley, and we care about your safety around it.As part of our commitment, we partner with local organizations to provide tools to help you practice water safety. This August, to mark Drowning Impact Awareness Month, SRP partnered with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona and local fire departments to offer free CPR classes aimed at saving lives and preventing water incidents.

SRP believes safety should be accessible

“One of the things we hear is that our community members can’t afford classes, so we make sure to fund free or reduced CPR and swimming lessons year-round,” said Regina Lane-Haycock, Community Outreach Representative for SRP Safety Connection. “We feel access to classes should never be an obstacle to safety.”?

Lane-Haycock added, “Drowning occurs after all other measures have failed, including adult supervision, barriers to prevent access to water, Coast Guard-approved life vests, swimming lessons and CPR with rescue breaths.”

The drowning rate in Arizona continues to be one of the highest in the nation. As of Aug. 19, there have been 102 reported water incidents resulting in 25 deaths this year, according to Child Safety Zone, which aggregates city-level data across Maricopa and Pinal counties. Of those 25 deaths, 20 were adults, one was a teen and four were children under age 5. For adults, big factors continue to be lack of swimming lessons and the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Sign up for free CPR classes by visiting

How SRP helps

SRP gives more than $3.6 million each year in community giving, including funds toward educating Valley residents in both English and Spanish on way to stay safe around water and electricity. SRP also participates in more than 400 events across the Valley each year to share safety messages with the community.

Safety is in your hands, especially when providing CPR after a water incident. Did you know that chest compression are not the best way to save lives? Safety experts say that rescue breaths are more important because some air providing oxygen to the brain is better than none at all.

Remember to practice water safety year round outside and inside your home! You can show your support of Drowning Impact Awareness Month by wearing a purple ribbon. You can learn more about water safety, sign up for free swim lessons and take advantage of other resources at

Tiffany Bolton

Tiffany Bolton

Tiffany is a lifelong learner, water nerd and mom. An Arizona transplant, she loves calling the Valley home, even though she kills a garden full of plants each year. When not writing about SRP, she enjoys reading one book each week and driving her minivan.

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