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Secure loose objects before a storm!

Although rain is a welcome break from Arizona’s dry heat, the intense elements of a summer monsoon can wreak havoc on Valley homes, businesses and vegetation. After-storm cleanup can be daunting, especially when storm patterns are unpredictable and there may be another on the horizon. 

This is especially true for SRP’s hard-working linemen and crews– keeping you in power is a top priority for us at SRP. While storm cleanup is part of the territory here in Phoenix, there are things that stop even our most seasoned crew members in their tracks.

Balloons in power lines are among the top causes of outages every year! Never release balloons into the air, and consider using non-metallic balloons instead for your next celebration.   

While we do our best to keep foreign objects and birds off of the power lines, we could use your help too!

According to the National Weather Service, monsoon storms can produce wind gusts up to 60 mph. This can cause even the most unlikely of objects to take flight. That’s why it’s important to make sure that any loose yard objects, such as umbrellas, furniture and toys, are secure and that inflatables are put away.

Debris in power lines not only poses a threat to a reliable power connection but are also dangerous to remove. Please keep the safety of your neighbors and our crews in mind as the next storm approaches. What objects can be put away or secured around your home?

We can say from experience that all sorts of belongings end up entangled in the lines. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out these photos from around the Valley of some power line mishaps.

If you ever spot an object in a power line, do not attempt to get it down yourself. Always stay at least 10 feet from a power line and call SRP at (602) 236-8888. We will safely remove it.

Tips to prepare your outdoor space for a storm

Preparing for a storm during clear skies may seem strange, but it’s the safest time to do it. Please don’t risk your safety trying to save an object during an active storm.

  1. Stay aware of weather forecasts. Many of us would like to turn away from the triple-digit forecast this time of year, but tuning in to local weather sources for the latest storm information can help you prepare before it’s too late.
  2. Secure outdoor furniture and yard objects. Wild monsoon weather can begin in July and last for several months. Secure furniture before the season to ensure you’re covered when desert storms crop up unexpectedly.
  3. Store toys and other loose objects indoors, in sheds, in storage furniture, etc.
  4. At work: Pull in any advertisements, flags or signs that can blow away in the wind. Be sure to secure all signage, even when it’s sunny, as wind can blow these items into power lines or equipment and cause a power outage.

SRP crews are ready to act 

While SRP can’t predict when a storm will cause outages, we do take steps to be prepared. Here’s how we’re making sure we’re ready to serve our customers before, during and after extreme weather conditions:

  • SRP works with local fire and police departments, utilities and cities before a storm to ensure we’re prepared. 
  • We purchase supplies well in advance of storm season so we can safely and quickly replace poles, lines and other electrical equipment. 
  • Right before a storm, our meteorologists track where a storm is going so crews can be prepared. 
  • During a storm, our grid operators work to isolate outages and downed lines so crews can turn off power and first responders can do their jobs safely. 
  • Next, we secure electrical equipment, then critical infrastructure like hospitals and police stations, then homes and businesses. 
  • After a storm, our teams work as safely and quickly as possible to restore power.

Help us prevent outages

Secure loose objects and furniture before a storm. Learn more ways to stay safe around power lines by visiting our power line safety page.

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