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Solar power for everyone 

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to “green up” your grid power, then SRP Solar Choice™ was made for you. 

Greening up the grid 

We created SRP Solar Choice as a simple and affordable way for customers to support renewable energy in Arizona. Reducing our carbon footprint is one of our 2035 Sustainability Goals, bringing us closer to a cleaner future for generations to come. 

What is SRP Solar Choice? 

Offsetting your energy use with clean energy from local solar farms is made possible with the SRP Solar Choice program. When you sign up, you have the option to offset 50% or 100% of your power use with renewable solar energy. No panel installations needed; we take care of sourcing your renewable energy. 

Where does my solar come from? 

Without installing panels on the rooftop of your home, you may be wondering where exactly the solar power is coming from. For SRP Solar Choice, we distribute power from local solar farms. This approach of utility-scale solar makes it easier for you to harness clean energy in your home. 

Let’s talk cost 

You can move toward cleaner energy at just half a cent per kilowatt-hour of power. Depending on your electricity usage, you can start offsetting your usage with solar power for as little as a few dollars a month! Don’t worry; you can cancel anytime. 

So, say you used 1,500 kWh last month: your 100% offset SRP Solar Choice premium would be $7.50 in addition to your usual bill, and only $3.75 with a 50% offset.  

The simplest way to find your estimated cost is by using our solar calculator following the instructions below.

Making solar power accessible  

Start powering your house – or apartment – with solar power, instantly. Because there are no solar panels required, anyone with an SRP account can participate in this program. You do not have to own your home. This program is perfect for all renters who are ready to benefit from solar power.  

Here’s how to find out how much you’d pay with SRP Solar Choice: 

  1. Log in to SRP My Account™
  1. Select “Price plan & programs” and locate “SRP Solar Choice” in the list of available programs. 
  1. When clicking “sign up,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can get an estimate based on your power use. 

Make a difference with your power 

If you’re ready to support Arizona solar and renewable energy, get your free estimate for SRP Solar Choice. 

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