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SRP Touchdowns for Teachers: The Cardinals scored, teachers won

For the second year, SRP partnered with Cardinals Charities on the Touchdowns for Teachers program. Ninety-eight lucky teachers won big when the Cardinals scored.

Every time the Cardinals scored a touchdown during the 2020-2021 season, two teachers received a $500 classroom grant from SRP. In an era of tight funding and unprecedented change, these grants empower educators to create classrooms where everyone can succeed.

The Arizona Cardinals wrapped up the season with a total of 49 touchdowns. In total, Arizona teachers were awarded $49,000 in grants! You can see a list of all the winners here.

One of those winners was Maggie Witt of Legacy Traditional School in Chandler. Read her story in this ABC15 article .

SRP supports education year-round beyond Touchdowns for Teachers

Tomorrow’s workforce is in school today. That’s why SRP supports our teachers as they innovate today and for the future. In 2019, SRP gave $1.3 million in grants, nonprofit educational donations, workshops, lesson plans and free materials to Arizona schools and teachers.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

It’s important to give our educators the support they need in our rapidly changing world. This includes the challenge of teaching the latest in technology and education standards. Arizona’s students can compete in our global economy because of our hardworking teachers.

At SRP we focus our education efforts on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This prepares students to enter the workforce to become leaders and innovators in whatever field they choose. This might even include a utility like SRP, as there are many STEM-focused careers here.

STEM and critical thinking skills are required to provide water and power to more than 2 million residents in the Valley. It takes the work of our engineers, analysts, technology experts and more to serve customers with reliable water and power.

Classroom Connections Learning Grants

Each year, SRP offers $200,000 in grants to support classroom learning across many subjects. This includes math, science, social studies and more. In 2019, 33 schools were selected for learning grants for STEM projects. One of the winning schools was Santan Junior High in Chandler.

Western Valley Middle School Robotics won $5000 to upgrade its robotics club robot. To be able to participate in competitive robotics, the equipment needed an upgrade. Beyond the club benefits, there are 200 students enrolled in the robotics classroom each semester who will be using the new equipment to explore robotics.

Another grant winner, Desert Edge High School in Goodyear, is using $5,000 for students in AP physics, conceptual physics and environmental science. These students will design and build a scale-model energy house that uses net-zero energy.

Along the way, they will document their design process, test and refine their designs and record the results. Students will also visit builders of net-zero energy homes in the area. This will allow them to gather real-world data for evidence on the energy use of real homes.

Social Studies Grants

In 2019, 11 schools were selected to receive an SRP grant in social studies. Mesa’s Mountain View High School is using its $2,500 grant to provide students with opportunities to partner with ASU. They will positively impact their community through this partnership.

Throughout the year, students will work with historians, government officials and nonprofit agencies. You can see all 2020 learning grant recipients on our website.

Grant applications are accepted until Feb. 28. Grant writing tips and instructions on how to apply can all be found on our Classroom Connections webpage.

SRP Teacher Workshops and Continuing Education

In addition to giving more than $200,000 to classrooms directly, SRP holds more than 25 free teacher workshops throughout the year. Focusing on what we know best – water and power – these (now virtual) classes are held year-round and are FREE.

To help teachers engage and inspire their students in water, renewable energy and power topics, the training workshops include: 

  • Lesson plans 
  • Activities 
  • Materials 
  • Learning stipends 

View courses and sign up for notifications when new workshops open up each season.

Building a Better Future for Arizona through Touchdowns for Teachers and more

At SRP, we’re powering the future workforce by supporting educational programs for students and teachers. With SRP Touchdowns for Teachers, SRP is expanding our reach to help more teachers provide educational experiences that spark a lifetime of learning and curiosity.

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