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Making every drop count

At SRP, water awareness is always top of mind. For more than 100 years, we’ve been hard at work building relationships, integrating new technologies and developing more infrastructure to ensure a resilient water supply in the desert we call home. 

Learn where your water comes from, what we’re doing to protect it and how you can help.  

Discover where your water comes from 

SRP manages and delivers about half of the Valley’s water supply.  

Water originates from a 13,000-square-mile watershed and then travels through the Salt and Verde river systems, reservoirs, wells, canals and irrigation laterals we manage. 

The rest of the Valley’s water comes from the Colorado River, underground storage and other sources. 

Planning for droughts and floods  

For nearly 120 years, SRP has prepared our water supply for desert conditions – from dry winters to monsoon floods and hot summers.  

Through planning, data collection, research and infrastructure, we’ve been able to keep our water supply in good shape despite harsh climate conditions (including a very dry winter this year).  

Building a water supply to last for generations  

We’ve got a variety of projects dedicated to building and protecting the Valley’s water supply today and tomorrow, including: 

Storing and studying dam water

Seven dams on the Salt and Verde rivers and one on East Clear Creek allow SRP to store water for use during drought. Dams are constantly monitored and managed to maximize water resiliency. 

Storing water underground

SRP works with Valley cities and towns to store water underground through the Granite Reef Underground Storage Project (GRUSP) and the New River-Agua Fria River Underground Storage Project (NAUSP)

Measuring snow and water flow

SRP measures water flows with tools like SRP Flowtography® and SRP Snowtography®

We also research snowmelt and water runoff in various temperatures and partner with academia to see how future climate change conditions will impact water. 

Keeping all Arizonans in mind

In addition to providing water to Arizonans within SRP’s service territory, we’re also building water resiliency in municipalities like Goodyear and Payson.  

Supplying water to a growing population 

Water is our most precious resource. That’s why we’re collaborating on projects to increase water storage capacity for future use, including: 

  • Working with the Bureau of Reclamation to study sedimentation at the bottom of Bartlett Dam that’s limiting water storage capacity.  
  • Working with the Army Corp of Engineers at Roosevelt Dam to increase water availability and help alleviate possible water shortfalls on the Colorado River during dry periods. 
  • Partnering with federal government agencies, northern cities and customers to strategically thin forests in the northern Arizona watershed to protect against catastrophic wildfires. Our goal is to strategically thin 500,000 acres by 2035. 
  • Working with Central Arizona Project (CAP) on an interconnection project that could allow water stored in SRP reservoirs to be pumped into the CAP canal and delivered to customers outside of SRP’s water service territory. 

Ready to dive deeper? 

As one of the largest raw water suppliers in Arizona, we deliver more than 244 billion gallons of water to the Valley each year and manage a 13,000-square-mile watershed that includes an extensive system of reservoirs, wells, canals and irrigation laterals.  

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