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You got a high-usage alert, now what?  

Saving money and managing energy usage go hand in hand. That’s why all SRP customers are auto-enrolled in high-usage alerts. These emails can help you by notifying you when your energy usage is higher than normal. 

You use energy every day at home from the moment you wake up and make a cup of coffee. Energy usage naturally increases for most homes in Arizona when we run our air-conditioning units at lower temperatures and for longer lengths of time. With more energy usage comes a higher energy bill. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage and reduce energy usage. 

High-usage alerts compare your current energy use to past use during similar temperatures. Higher-than-normal usage can be a sign that there’s an issue with a large appliance, such as an air conditioner, water heater or pool pump, that you might not be aware of. For example, if your AC has a malfunction, it could cause your energy usage to become much higher than it was before. 

High-usage alerts can make you aware of issues early on so you can make repairs quickly and keep your energy costs down. These alerts will indicate how much higher your energy usage is compared to when it was the same temperature outside in the past. For example, if your energy usage on a 97 ° day in June 2023 is significantly higher than a 97 ° day in June 2022, you would be alerted of the discrepancy, which might indicate a potential problem with a major appliance.  

How can I lower my energy usage? 

SRP customers can use the high-usage alerts to address possible energy efficiency issues in their home. If any issues are found, you may qualify for rebates to help reduce your energy usage and save money. 

 If you are unsure what could be causing the high-usage alerts, schedule a free SRP Home Energy Assessment™. During an SRP Home Energy Assessment, an SRP Energy Ambassador will review the appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling equipment in your home, then provide you with a customized report of your home’s energy performance. 

Reminder: A high-usage alert does not automatically mean there is an issue with any appliance in your home. 

High-usage alerts could also be caused by something as simple as a recent large gathering in your home while having the AC lower than usual and using more kitchen appliances. This alone could cause more electricity usage than normal, and the high-usage alerts will help you understand that this may be why your electricity bill is slightly higher than usual. 

We want to be transparent with you about your usage. If you have any questions, please email our Customer Service team or call (602) 236-8888

Keep your bills low with energy-efficient upgrades 

Replacing an old air-conditioning unit, installing a smart thermostat and planting a shade tree are a few ways to lower your energy bill. Find out what your home qualifies for! 

11 thoughts on “You got a high-usage alert, now what?  ”

  1. Good Morning,

    Do you have an alert update for the cell phone when the electricity goes out and when it should be turned back on? My husband is nearly 83 years old and knowing will be of great help. Thank you.

  2. It’s good to hear there is a energy-related program that can help people understand the energy conservation which in turn will help the environment of having to look for more ways to fuel our much needed energy.

  3. I want to remove the high usage alerts on my phone but it doesn’t tell me how to do it when I get into my account

  4. The home in question is my second home in Payson, Az. The latest bill of 58.78 is 5 dollars higher than last month. That doesn’t seem to be viewed as higher usage. Remember, we are experiencing record high temperatures this summer that requires AC usage for longer periods. You make it sound like we are over using the AC.


  5. Do you think the higher usage is due to the fact July high daily was 113-115? Throughout the entire month..

  6. We recently purchased train air conditioner with heat pack.
    It is a 4 ton with 14 seer. I was informed that we would save $$
    because it is energy efficient. We run our evap cooler until about the 20th of July. We currently own 1700 sq ft home. Please review our air and let us know if you can help

    1. Salt River Project

      Hi Kathy, please give us a call at (602) 236-8888 and we can put you in touch with our efficient home team for further assistance. Thank you!

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