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5 energy-saving upgrades to show your home love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Arizona is a unique experience. Not only is it a day to celebrate love in our lives, it’s also the anniversary of Arizona’s statehood. Surprisingly, SRP is intertwined with this occasion more than you may realize.

With that being said, energy-saving upgrades may not be top of mind for anyone right now. After all, it’s the time of year electric usage tends to be the lowest in the Valley.

While the weather is cool during the season of love, it might be the perfect time to show your home some love by making it more energy efficient.

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Show your house some love with energy-saving upgrades.

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday with a significant other, it’s the perfect day to show a little love to another important fixture in your life: your home. 

For better or worse, in sickness and in health, your home is always there for you. Doesn’t it deserve to be loved and cherished on Valentine’s Day too (and throughout the year)?

As you might expect, you’re not going to win over your home with a card or chocolates. Although you can never go wrong with flowers.

Here are 5 ways to make energy-saving upgrades.

The best gift you can give your home — and, in turn, yourself — is the gift of energy efficiency upgrades.

1.Evaluate your relationship.

We don’t necessarily recommend doing this in your real-life relationships on the holiday of love, but it could be a good time to evaluate your relationship with your home and its energy usage. SRP’s Home Energy Manager is an online assessment tool that helps you understand ways to save around your home, tailored to your home and family’s energy habits.

2. Spend some quality time.

Depending on how that relationship evaluation goes, you might find that your home needs a little TLC. Showing your home a little love doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are a variety of easy DIY projects you can do this year to show your home you care while also lowering your energy bills.

From building your own shade screens to weatherizing doors and windows and more, you’d be surprised at how many energy-saving upgrades you can easily do yourself. Watch our DIY video series to get started.

3.Get it something cool. 

If things often get a little heated between you and your home, it might be time to consider a new AC unit. By selecting the right type and size of AC or heat pump system, you’ll ensure energy savings and maximum indoor comfort. And thanks to our SRP Cool Cash Rebate Program, you can get up to $1,125 back on a new energy-efficient AC, heat pump or mini-split system.

4. Buy it the latest tech.

We happen to know that your home loves the latest tech. That’s why we launched SRP MarketplaceTM.

It’s the perfect place to buy your home all the latest energy- and water-saving technology, including smart thermostats, LED lightbulbs, advanced power strips, connected home devices and more.

5.Make sure it’s protected.

We’re naturally inclined to protect our loved ones, so why not also protect your home? The Arizona sun can be tough on your home and your energy bill, but there are a couple of ways to combat its rays.

First, install shade screens on west-, south- and east-facing windows. We’ll even give you a rebate of $0.80 per square foot on professionally installed shade screens.

For even more energy savings, we’ll also give you two free shade trees for your yard. All you have to do is attend a workshop.

Don’t wait for your home to make the first move.

There are many ways to love your home this Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. And remember, the gift of energy-efficient home upgrades is as much a gift to you as it is to your home. Discover more ways to save.

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