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7 unexpected reasons to switch to LED lightbulbs this holiday season

It’s no secret that LED lightbulbs save energy and money. In fact, because LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 35 to 50 times longer, each bulb can save you up to $166 over its lifetime.1

When it comes to kicking your old holiday lights to the curb (but really, please recycle them), LED holiday strands use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent light strands and can last up to 10 times longer.

Whether you decide to make the change to LEDs for the holidays or year-round lighting, you’ll enjoy these other unexpected benefits beyond energy and cost savings.

LED holiday lights are easy to store.

1. LED holiday lights are easy to store.

The time must come every year to put the holiday cheer away until the next year. Traditional bulbs made of glass must be stored with care. These ENERGY STAR® certified multicolored LED holiday lights contain no filaments or glass to worry about. So not only do the LED bulbs themselves last longer than their incandescent counterparts, but the durable bulbs mean you also get more use out of them from year to year.

One bad bulb doesn’t ruin the whole light strand.  

2. Gone are the days where one bad bulb ruins the whole light strand.

We’ve all been there – excitedly plugging in a strand of holiday lights and . . . nothing. How long have we all spent twisting bulb-by-bulb hoping to find the culprit? Say goodbye to doing the “holiday twist”! Newer technology keeps your lights sparkling even if one bulb decides it’s done.

LED holiday lights are safer.

3. LED holiday lights are safer.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, more than a fifth of holiday-related fires were a result of a heat source being too close to a tree or other flammable materials. LED lights give off virtually no heat and are made with safety in mind, especially if they’re ENERGY STAR certified.

LED lightbulbs keep rooms cooler.

4. LED lightbulbs keep rooms cooler.

Especially during the summer, Arizona air conditioners are on overdrive. If you have incandescent bulbs or CFLs in your home, your lighting is making your AC work even harder. LEDs, on the other hand, use 95% of their energy as light as opposed to heat. That’s the same reason why you can easily touch an LED without burning yourself.

LEDs attract fewer insects.

5. LEDs attract fewer insects.

When you’re outside enjoying the beautiful Arizona evening weather, bugs can really ruin your night. Incandescent bulbs and CFLs invite bugs by emitting ultraviolet (UV) light or infrared radiation. Luckily, LEDs emit very little UV light or infrared radiation, which makes them nearly invisible to many of the common pests that will ruin your outdoor dinner.2

LEDs offer a spectrum of color. 

6. LEDs offer a spectrum of color. 

When it comes to setting the mood, there’s no better type of light than an LED. LEDs come in a variety of color options, including natural white, warm white, daylight white and even color-changing bulbs that you can control from your smartphone!

LED lightbulbs can be smart.

6. LED lightbulbs can be smart.

As our homes get more connected through devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, LEDs are getting smarter too. With smart bulbs, you can control the indoor and outdoor lighting of your home with just a few taps on your smartphone or with your voice on a connected home device. Many of these bulbs offer almost unlimited color options and the ability to set lighting schedules.

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