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35 ways we’re making our 2035 Sustainability Goals possible

Every April 22 the world celebrates Earth Day. This annual Earth-loving day is a great reminder to evaluate all of the ways that we can make better choices for the planet and each other. No gesture is too big or too small. At SRP, we’re working to make every day Earth Day through environmental stewardship and working toward our 2035 Sustainability Goals.  

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we’ve highlighted many of the ways we’re helping the environment alongside our customers, community members and partners.  

Here are 35 ways we’re working toward our 2035 Sustainability Goals to protect the Earth every day of the year.  

Ways to save the planet and some money 

  1. There is more than 1,500 MW of large-scale solar currently under development, which will bring SRP’s total solar energy to more than 2,025 MW, once operational.
  1. We’re investing in two major utility-scale solar projects that will create enough energy to power the equivalent of 100,000 homes.  
  1. We closed and decommissioned Navajo Generating Station, once the largest coal-powered plant in the western U.S.  
  1. Every year, we’re reducing our carbon footprint. By 2050, our CO2 emissions intensity will be reduced by 90%.  
  1. We’re working to store 1 million acre-feet of water underground. That’s 325,851,431,889.13 gallons!  
  1. We put sustainability at the heart of all that we do. By 2035, sustainability criteria will be included in 100% of our purchase process decisions.  
  1. 75% of solid waste will be diverted from landfills by 2035, followed by 100% of waste by 2050.  
  1. We help customers take advantage of year-round energy and water savings from efficiency devices purchased through SRP Marketplace.  

 Explore SRP’s sustainability initiatives that conserve Arizona’s resources. 

  1. We’re working to divert 95% of non-hazardous industrial solid waste from landfills.  
  1. We’ve partnered with TerraCycle to divert soft plastics. So far over 500 pounds of plastic has been collected and diverted from the landfill.  
  1. We’ve joined with Arizona State University (ASU) in a new strategic partnership to develop shared solutions in the areas of sustainability, technology and education, with a core goal of creating stronger and more resilient communities in the future.  
  1. By renovating instead of demolishing our headquarters, we’ve been able to recycle, reuse or revitalize 92.6% of construction materials. That included diverting 1.5M cubic feet of construction materials from landfills, which equals 1,120 loaded 30-foot dump trucks.  
  1. We’re reducing water usage in day-to-day operations with a promise to cut water use at SRP buildings by 45% by 2035.  
  1. Our team of scientists and water leaders manages 8.3 million acres of protected watersheds.  
  1. Since 2018, SRP has partnered with cities throughout the Valley to remove and replace trees that are encroaching on power lines. For every tree that must be removed for safety reasons, 2–3 new trees are planted along roadways or at nearby parks, schools or neighborhoods. In total, we’ve planted nearly 4,000 trees in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Avondale and Peoria- and we continue to partner with additional municipalities each year. 
  1. We manage 3,000 acres of conservation land to help preserve and protect the habitats of wildlife and endangered species.

Ways our employees are saving the environment 

  1. Our growing fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the largest in Arizona.  
  1. SRP has the largest workplace charging program in the state. We offer charging stations for 200+ SRP workers who drive EVs.  
  1. Introduced in 1973, the employee carpool program has more than 340 participants.  
  1. The vanpool program began in 1979 and now has 100 riders.  
  1. Employees and contractors can check out SRP bicycles to sustainably commute between SRP buildings and other nearby locations.  
  1. SRP’s Textile Recycling Program goes through Phoenix fibers which recycles used SRP monogrammed clothing from employees.

Ways residential customers are helping protect our planet 

  1. Through the SRP Solar for Nonprofits™ program, customers have helped community organizations save $1 million in energy costs.  
  1. More than 3,000 customers (and growing!) help us prevent wildfires and protect our water supply through the La iniciativa de SRP Healthy Forest™, a program aimed at restoring Arizona’s forests through strategic thinning.  
  1. Our EV Community has over 7,000 members, and many of them are limiting their energy use during peak times with the EV Price Plan.  
  1. As part of our Shade Tree Program™, customers planted an average of 5,000 free trees at home. The shade from these trees can make buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer!   
  1. Through the Weatherization Assistance Program, SRP provides up to $6,000 for energy-efficient home upgrades.  
  1. More than 120,000 customers lowered their energy usage through the SRP Time-of-Use™ and SRP EZ-3™ price plans.  
  1. We all do our part to conserve water with the goal of saving 500,000 billion gallons by 2035.  

See how commercial customers are boosting their bottom lines and lowering their environmental impact. 

  1. We help small businesses conserve energy and save. Upgraded lighting alone can save up to 35% on energy costs. Don’t just take our word for it, read about how Bashas’ did just that.  
  1. More than 23,000 commercial customers have cut paper waste by signing up for paperless billing.  
  1. More than 14,000 businesses lowered their energy use during peak hours with Time-of-Use (TOU)   plans.  
  1. You can upgrade to electric equipment for less with an electrification rebate from SRP.  
  1. Each year, business customers who participate in energy efficiency rebate programs help save an average of over 136,949 megawatt-hours, enough energy to power 10,000 homes for a year.  
  1. SRP, the Phoenix Zoo and the City of Phoenix have unveiled 20 new solar-covered EV charging stations in the zoo parking lot.  

Everyone doing their part imperfectly is better than a few doing it perfectly. Whether you’re making a conscious choice to fill up your reusable water bottle instead of opting for a single-use plastic one at home or switching to an electric vehicle, every little bit counts toward leaving the Earth a better place for future generations.  

Make an impact with us this Earth Day 

Learn more about how SRP is making the Valley a better place for us all. 

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  1. As retirees, we agree that dealing with SRP is the best. For example, all calls are answered by a person (that speaks good English), is knowledgeable and helpful, and billing is correct and on time. Thank-you for all the thoughtful things you do for the community. You are really appreciated.

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