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Smart thermostats: A genius way to save money and energy

What makes a home smart? It’s not a good GPA — it’s having traditional home appliances and accessories such as refrigerators, light bulbs, and even doorbells connected to the internet. 

As far as “smart” things go, a smart thermostat might be the easiest upgrade to make in your home that can save you the most money over time. If you’re not familiar, you might be wondering, “What is a smart thermostat?” or “Are they worth it?” 

Unlike a traditional thermostat, a smart thermostat’s Wi-Fi connectivity gives you the ability to manage the energy use of your home’s air conditioner remotely from an app on your mobile device. There are some key benefits to installing one: More savings.

By using a combination of technologies such as auto-scheduling, motion sensing and geofencing, smart thermostats keep your home at the ideal temperature when you’re there and save on cooling and heating costs by automatically adjusting it when you’re away. This increased efficiency helps save energy and money.  

Remote capability

One of the features people find most convenient is the ability to control the temperature of their home from wherever they may be. Whether you want to make your home extra chilly on your drive home from work, or heat things up a bit before jumping out of bed, simply grab your phone and take control of your smart thermostat. 

Better data

Many smart thermostats can show how much energy your HVAC system uses every day. This makes finding out how to save even more on your energy bill easier than ever.  


Some smart thermometers, like the Google Nest Learning Thermostat and the ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control, learn the way you use energy to cool and heat your home after just a few days. They can then adjust automatically. Or should we say automagically

Is a smart thermostat right for you? Well, if you like to save money by using less energy, then we’d say, yes! Start saving today and receive an instant rebate when you purchase a smart thermostat from SRP Marketplace™. 

Enroll for instant savings

Whether you already own a qualifying smart thermostat or are just making the switch, be sure to enroll in the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program™ (BYOT).

BYOT participants receive a $50 bill credit per eligible thermostat (up to $100 if you have more than one) by helping SRP reduce peak demand when the strain on our electric grid is at its highest. 

For each year you are in the program, you’ll earn an additional $25 bill credit per eligible thermostat (up to $50 if you have more than one). 

Ready to cash in on a thermostat upgrade?

If you already have a smart thermostat, you’re just a few clicks away from instant savings.

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  1. Is there a thermostat which could take advantage of the EZ3 or similar plans by allowing the user to NOT allow the ac to come on at all between the designated high peak hours. My peak hours are between 3 and 6 but even when I set my state to come on at 7.30 pm it still turns on at 5.20 in order to reach the programmed temp of say 78. I need my stat to turn off ac at 3 and back on at 6 but cannot find one that will do this – so what is the point of a so called smart thermostat when I have to remember to manually adjust itt in order to shut all down between 3 & 67?

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