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Wildfire preparedness: power shutoffs

Safety is a top priority for SRP. Our teams work year-round with public safety partners, first responders and wildfire experts in Arizona communities to prevent, reduce and respond to wildfires.  

It’s crucial for residents to be well informed about efforts SRP is taking to help reduce wildfire risks.  

Mitigation efforts 

Wildfires can spread rapidly when fueled by dry conditions, strong winds and human activity. We’re taking proactive steps to mitigate wildfire damage to our power system, including piloting solar-powered infrared cameras that use artificial intelligence technology at transmission towers that can detect smoke from up to 10 miles away.  

We’ve also begun to install fire-resistant mesh wrap to extend the life of our power poles in fire-prone areas and have cleared brush along 254 miles of transmission lines to help proactively prevent damaging fires. 

How Fire Detection Cameras Protect the SRP Watersheds

Electrical safety precautions 

SRP is implementing preemptive power shutoffs during extreme fire conditions as part of our Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program for high fire risk areas of our service territory. These shutoffs reduce the risk of electrical equipment or debris igniting or contributing to wildfires. 

During high-risk weather conditions, SRP will monitor several factors, including wind speed, humidity levels and vegetation conditions to determine if a Public Safety Power Shutoff is needed. We will communicate fire watch information, planned shutoffs and restoration times to impacted customers directly through automated phone calls and personal emails. Please be sure to update your contact information in your SRP My Account™ profile to receive texts, calls and emails. 


Stay informed about the current fire danger in your area. Check the Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention Wildfire Situation map for real-time updates on wildfire incidents, restrictions and closures. 

In case of a wildfire incident or power shutoff, keep a well-stocked emergency kit. SRP offers different resources during power shutoffs, including ice reimbursements, which can be viewed when available on the SRP Outage Map

If you or anyone in your home relies on medical life-support equipment, please enroll in our Medical Preparedness Program to receive notifications of planned power outages in advance to make accommodations.  

We also recommend that all residents create an emergency plan for each member of their household, including pets, and sign up for emergency alerts from their county.  

Contribute to a safer Arizona

Stay vigilant, and together, we can mitigate the impact of wildfires. 

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