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Work continues to bring a reliable water source to Goodyear

Goodyear has made the switch to a more reliable water source after the completion of new water delivery and treatment infrastructure. Thanks to an innovative partnership between the City of Goodyear and SRP, the project will help bring a dependable water source to a growing city.

Goodyear, which previously relied on groundwater, is not in our water service area. However, SRP and Goodyear agreed to work together to help the city solve their water supply issue.

Partnering for a reliable future

The Central Arizona Project (CAP) delivers Colorado River water to the region, but Goodyear is too far away from the CAP canal to take direct delivery of the water. Instead, the city has historically depended on groundwater, but this is not a sustainable practice. SRP and Goodyear worked together to find a solution.

SRP’s far-reaching water delivery system of 131 miles of canals and an existing connection to the CAP canal were key. An agreement between SRP and Goodyear will allow Goodyear to use SRP’s water delivery system to move the city’s CAP water.

This new water infrastructure allows Goodyear’s Colorado River water to be split off from the CAP canal and enter the SRP system at the CAP-SRP Interconnect Facility near Granite Reef Diversion Dam. Then it will make its way toward the West Valley.

“It’s a huge thing for Goodyear because it’s allowing them to actually take use of this water that they’ve never had physical access to before,” Stuart Peckham, SRP Senior Water Planning Analyst, said. “This allows them to continue to grow and develop their economy.”

We’re not the only ones who think so. In 2017, the project caught the attention of a national publication. Water & Wastes Digest named the partnership as one of the 10 Top Projects for 2017. Additionally, WESTMARC (Western Maricopa Coalition) recognized it later that year with its Best of the West Award for Excellence in Innovation.

A new year and water supply for Goodyear

SRP determined that the closest point we could get the water to was near 115th Avenue and Broadway Road. From there, Goodyear built a pipeline that runs 5 miles west. At the end of that pipeline, the city has constructed a water treatment facility.

Previously, SRP completed its part of the construction efforts, which included building and installing new water delivery gates. Additionally, existing waterways were widened to slow the flow of water at the new turnout structure to ensure a steady delivery. These system improvements were paid for by the City of Goodyear.

Although the construction of the project is complete, we will continue to work with Goodyear. The city’s brand new water treatment plant took its first delivery of water on Dec. 14, 2021.

Reliably flowing into the future

Learn more about how SRP manages the Valley’s water supply.

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