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SRP brings in more than half the Valley’s water supply. We manage a series of rivers, dams, lakes, aquifers, storage facilities and over 131 miles of canals to bring raw water to cities, farms, schools and irrigation customers. Learn more about where your water comes and what we’re doing to plan for a sustainable future here.

Logging machine cutting trees in forest

Help prevent wildfires

SRP’s Healthy Forest Initiative rethinks how we restore the health of Arizona’s forests. You can contribute as little as $3 a month to help us prevent wildfires.


Drought 101

SRP water expert Charlie Ester shares how we plan for drought. But, what is drought? Is it normal? Will Phoenix have enough water?

Large body of water steadily flowing between two mountains with dam structure near base

Making every drop count

Ensuring a resilient water supply for Arizonans has been part of our mission for over 100 years, and we’re planning for the future every day. Learn where your water comes from, what SRP is doing to protect it and how you can help.

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