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Zanjero Chris Crosland on the Consolidated Canal

Zanjeros are Zan-‘Heroes’ in our community

Zanjero days

From retrieving lost wedding rings to saving pets that have fallen into the canal, our Zanjeros are always there to lend a helping hand in our community.

Zanjeros travel more than a million miles each year while remaining aware of surroundings in the neighborhoods they serve. Zanjero Tim Miller recently displayed awareness during a routine stop to deliver water.

Canal rescue

While opening the SRP gate, Miller heard a strange sound. When the sound
continued, he investigated and saw three kitten heads floating just above the water.

SRP Zanjero Tim Miller is pictured holding one of the rescued kittens.
SRP Zanjero Tim Miller holding one of the rescued kittens.

Unable to reach them by leaning in, Miller jumped into the water and retrieved two of the kittens. After a bit of searching, he was able to find the third. The kittens barely had their eyes open and appeared to be about two weeks old.

In an effort to help the kittens survive, Miller wrapped them in his shirt to keep them warm and called a local neighbor who helps with animal rescues. The neighbor offered to foster the kittens and nurse them back to health after efforts to find their mother were unsuccessful.

One kitten has found its forever home and they are hoping to find good homes for the other two.

Animal rescue

Did you know this is not Miller’s first animal rescue? Last year while delivering water, he noticed a Labrador retriever stuck in a lateral. After ascertaining that the dog was friendly and had identification, Miller was able to reach the owner and the two worked together to safely rescue the pet in peril.

Canal safety

See something in a canal? Don’t jump in, call 911 for emergency help or SRP at (602) 236-5296. Canal sides are slick, so only emergency or SRP personnel should enter canals.

Do you know a Zanjero who is a hero? Let us know.

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