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Know your irrigation schedule

Once you’ve set up your account and have ordered water, you’ll need to get familiar with your irrigation schedule. The quickest way to view your schedule is by logging in to your account online or through the SRP Water app™

How water delivery schedules work

SRP delivers water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our water is delivered by gravity, meaning it flows from the highest point to the lowest point. This is accomplished by moving water from the reservoir through canals and laterals before it is delivered to more than 25,000 customers.  

To reduce loss, we deliver water to sections of the Valley that are close to each other. Irrigation water may be delivered at unconventional times, such as late at night. However, we try to be fair to everyone by rotating start times throughout the year.

Options for water delivery

Water Balance accounts

Properties that consist of 1.25 acres of land or more have a Water Balance account. These customers can order water that is equal or less than their allotted amount which is determined by property size and water rights for the property. They also have the ability to request a time and date for water delivery, although it is never guaranteed. The best way to get a time that works for you is to provide more than one date and a larger time range. Landowners with less than 1.25 acres are unable to have a Water Balance account. 

Consider requesting your water order at least two to three days in advance. SRP completes most of the scheduling for water deliveries a day in advance. Please note that last-minute orders may not be filled if there is not capacity to meet your order.  

Subdivision accounts

Irrigation properties that are part of a Subdivision account receive 18 irrigation runs per year. The day of the week that the water is delivered for Subdivision accounts is predetermined each year.  

When every property within every subdivision orders the same amount of water for every run, this eight-hour rotation works well for rotating a water delivery from morning, afternoon and in the middle of the night. However, many property owners adjust their water delivery based on water needs, weather and property conditions with each order. 

As a result, the subdivisions do not always rotate deliveries as planned. This is why SRP cannot guarantee the rotation will work every time. We understand that delivery times are important to you, and we try our best to give you the best schedule whenever possible.   

Water delivery limitations 

Customers are unable to schedule water during dry-ups. A dry-up occurs when we’re working on an SRP system or a third party is working on a private irrigation system and water cannot enter that system.  

Dry-ups that limit or stop water deliveries are in place to ensure the safety of those working on the system. During dry-ups, fish are relocated, weeds and debris are cleaned from the canals and repairs are made to ensure a consistent flow of water to our customers. While dry-ups can occur at any time of the year, we also schedule annual dry-ups.  

Understand your water rights

Irrigation water rights belong to the land. SRP is responsible for delivering the water you order to the SRP delivery gate. Once the water leaves that gate, the water is the responsibility of the owner or tenant who ordered the water. This includes the management of the water.  

It’s important to only order the amount of water you can hold in your yard without it overflowing the berms. If water leaves your property and enters the street or another property, you could be held liable for any damage the water might cause.  

Questions about irrigation?

Our Water Contact Center is available 24/7 by calling (602) 236-3333 or emailing [email protected]

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