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We’re going net zero by 2050

To build a better Arizona, we need to continue finding ways to deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable power to our customers. We’ve managed to reduce our carbon intensity by 35% since 2005, despite the Valley’s dramatic growth. And we’ve recently updated our Sustainability Goals to establish more aggressive targets, including achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

What is net zero?

Put simply, net zero means the amount of emissions produced is equal to the amount removed from the atmosphere.

To achieve net zero, we’re focusing on deep reductions in our carbon intensity by retiring coal generation and increasing carbon-free resources, a process known as decarbonization. Any remaining emissions on our system will likely be addressed through credible carbon removal projects, which will remove an equivalent amount of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

The path to achieving net zero

We’ve already made great progress toward reducing our carbon emissions through the addition of renewable energy sources. Our customers are currently benefiting from enough clean energy, including solar, wind and storage, to power nearly 500,000 homes. This clean energy transition includes major milestones in the development of utility-scale solar farms, battery storage and wind turbines.

Along with adding more carbon-free resources to our generation mix, we’ve developed an Integrated System Plan, which serves as a roadmap to inform our decision-making when it comes to expanding the power grid to meet our growing customer needs. While making sure we’re prepared for the future, we are proactively researching and piloting innovative technology solutions through collaborations with leading organizations like Arizona State University and the Electric Power Research Institute. This work is helping to advance our understanding of carbon removal, long-duration energy storage and hydrogen technologies.

Our partnerships with customers to increase energy efficiency in homes and businesses also contributes to our carbon reduction goals.

Staying reliable

We are strengthening and preparing the grid for a future that’s powered by renewable energy while maintaining the reliability necessary to keep the communities we serve safe, and the economy secure. 

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Net zero is one of many of our goals to bring a more sustainable future to the Valley. 

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