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Putt-ing it out there: the ‘Greenest Show on Grass’ is a zero-waste event

Have you ever wondered why the Phoenix Open is called the “Greenest Show on Grass?” Obviously, you’ll see a sea of green every year if you attend on Saturday for “Green Out Day.” But that’s not exactly where the name comes from.

As you may know, we’ve been talking a lot about the concept of sustainability at SRP. Therefore, it should be no surprise that a tip-of-the-hat is going to everyone who supports the Waste Management Open (WMO).

Waste Management Phoenix Open: a un-fore-gettable community experience

The Waste Management Phoenix Open draws over 700,000 attendees to the PGA Tour every year. For many reasons, it’s unlike any other golf tournament.

Thunderbirds Charities, host of the Open since 1939, has turned an ordinary golf tournament into a community event. Along the way, the tournament has become the largest verified zero-waste event in the world.

What does it take to be a zero-waste event? See the Waste Management Open sustainability report.

Some examples of how the Phoenix Open is a verified zero-waste event

Waste Management has been a title sponsor of the Phoenix Open for eight years. Thanks to their efforts, along with all other partners, the Phoenix Open is a zero-waste event.

A zero-waste event has a lot of moving parts, but one important aspect is to focus on conservation with each food and event vendor. In addition to this, recycling, composting and donating unused food contribute to a zero-waste event. To give some perspective, the amount of trash taken from the event and turned into energy equates to removing 513 cars from the road.

Waste Management has also put a large focus on the event being water-positive. In other words, the event produces more water than it uses.

For example, one way they achieve being water-positive is by using 6,353 gallons of ‘gray water’ on the greens. Gray water is household wastewater that doesn’t contain serious contaminants.

Best of all, the Waste Management Phoenix Open joined the United Nations Sports for Climate Action International collaboration. This will advance efforts in sports to achieve climate change goals around the world.

Working together toward one reliable future

SRP is proud to support the Waste Management Phoenix Open in realizing this celebrated zero-waste event. Together with partners like the Thunderbirds, we are moving toward one reliable future.  Learn more about how SRP is building a sustainable future at

SRP customers can receive $10 off per general admission ticket when purchased on using promo code SRP2020WMPO.

Planning on attending the WMO this year? Be sure to wear green on Saturday, Feb. 1, to support “Green Out Day.” For every person who wears green, the Thunderbirds and Waste Management will donate to three sustainably-focused nonprofits.

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