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6 reasons to get a Home Energy Assessment

Understanding how your home uses energy is the first step to making informed decisions that can directly impact your energy bill. For any resident, there are universal truths that we know. For example, the hotter it is, the more energy your home will require to cool. Typically, a house of two people will use less than a house with four.

Still, there are a lot of other things to consider about your home’s energy usage. What directions your home’s windows face, how many stories your home has, the style your home is built in, and much more can impact the amount of energy your home requires to stay comfortable.

While it may be overwhelming deciding where to begin, we have a service called a Home Energy Assessment that will walk you through these questions.

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A Home Energy Assessment is a virtual appointment with an experienced Energy Ambassador who performs a thorough 90-minute evaluation of your home and how it uses energy. Your Home Energy Assessment Report is uniquely personalized to your home.

You don’t have to be a homeowner to be eligible for one. If you live in a complex that has four units or fewer, talk with your property manager about why you’d like to have your home assessed. With their approval, you can schedule a Home Energy Assessment.

Reasons to get a Home Energy Assessment

  1. It’s virtual and free!
  2. Better understand how your home uses energy.
  3. Receive energy-saving advice tailored to your home.
  4. Learn about appliance rebates you may qualify for.
  5. Receive a free home energy savings kit (valued up to $250).
  6. Income-qualified customers* who have a refrigerator 16 years or older (ENERGY STAR® models) or 12 years or older (non-ENERGY STAR models) at the time of their assessment are eligible for a brand-new refrigerator.

What’s in the home energy savings kit?

One of the best perks of completing a Home Energy Assessment is receiving a free energy savings kit! Included in the kit is up to:

  • 25 ENERGY STAR certified LED dimmable bulbs
  • Two LED nightlights
  • Two efficient-flow showerheads
  • Four bathroom faucet aerators
  • One kitchen faucet aerator

What to expect

Upon scheduling your appointment, you will have the option to schedule a phone or video chat through Skype, FaceTime or Duo. Scheduling an appointment is easy — just be sure to have your SRP account number ready, which can be found on your bill or on My Account. You can expect your energy savings kit to arrive in 2–3 weeks.

Schedule and save

Learn more and schedule your virtual Home Energy Assessment online or by calling (602) 236-3065.

*Income-qualified customers are SRP Economy Price Plan participants or can provide letter verifying LIHEAP, WIC or SNAP eligibility.

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