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A blissful ride to work: One SRP employee shares why he enjoys making a sustainable commute

Catching a ride to work can mean different things to everyone, depending on how close you live to work and what transportation is available to you. But have you ever considered changing your mode of transportation in the name of sustainability?

Make your ride to work greener

Besides driving electric vehicles, there are other ways to make your commute greener. This could be carpooling, walking, biking or taking advantage of public transportation. Some people even use canal paths, such as the recently completed Grand Canalscape multi-use path, for their commute.

Shane DePinto, a Geohydrologist at SRP, rides his bike to work or catches a ride on the light rail. Like fellow SRP employees Nina Mullins and Audria Newbold, he’s making sustainable choices today for a better tomorrow.

Change starts with me: Shane DePinto

Biking to work can positively impact the environment as well as your mind and body. A ride to work on the light rail can give you some time to enjoy your favorite book or podcast.

What does sustainability mean to you, and how do you engage in it?

DePinto: “In my mind, sustainability means taking reasonable actions to minimize my impact on the world around me so others can enjoy it as well. In my house, we do a lot of little things that add up, such as recycling, buying used versus new, and walking or biking whenever possible.”

What are some reasons to ride a bike to and from work?

“I am a huge fan of biking to work for several reasons. First, it’s a great workout and a stress reducer before or after a long day of work. It also helps me avoid the monotony of the gym while being able to enjoy the food that I love.”

“Additionally, it helps me prevent wear and tear on my vehicle while improving my energy levels at work. If that’s not enough, riding along the canals by our facilities is absolutely beautiful.”

If there’s any day to bike to work, it should be on April 15. Join other bicyclists in the Valley for Bike to Work Day.

Why do you care about using alternative modes of transportation to ride to work?

“I like to avoid driving in the city on a daily basis because I see that as a huge source of stress. By riding the light rail and my bike, I get countless health benefits along with being able to enjoy podcasts or audiobooks on a relaxing train ride.”

What inspires you to make greener choices? How do you try to inspire others to get involved?

“My co-workers, friends and fiancée are all huge sources of inspiration for me. I love hearing about my co-workers going on long mountain bike rides and hikes. My fiancée loves to recycle, so she is always teaching me the little tricks we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

“Leading by example and showing that through your actions you can make a difference, both in your life and in the community, is how I try to inspire others. I also try to teach friends about leave-no-trace principles while hiking and backpacking.”

Is a ride to work on a stretch of SRP’s 131 miles of canals possible for you? See our canal map to find the closest canal paths near you.

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